Cosplay Babe of the Week is Millenia from Grandia II

J Lynch: "This week's Cosplay Babe of the Week is from the popular, but underrated Grandia II - originally released on the Sega Dreamcast. Millenia might not be too familiar to today's gamers since Grandia II released almost ten years ago, but to many Dreamcast and PS2 fans Millenia is a hottie and worthy of some respectable cosplay. Check out the description of Millenia below or skip to the gallery to see Millenia from Grandia II's cosplay."

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vgn243960d ago

I loved Grandia II. Millenia had a little something extra going for a sprite-based babe too, lol. I had it on PS2 though, not DC. Might fire it up on the PS3 now that I think about it.

GunShotEddy3960d ago

I loved this RPG series. Every one of the games was great. I had actually imported the original on the SEGA Saturn and then still bought the US version on the PSone so I knew WTF they were saying. Grandia was and still is the best of the three releases.

VG_Releaser3960d ago

ha! I always thought Grandia was Sony exclusive. Anyways, nice cosplay.

Redempteur3960d ago

not exclusive but every grandia was on sony consoles at one point of time

BeaRye3960d ago

...start your fapping! I'll take cosplay over booth babes anyday. There's something about the character coming alive. *hides in shame, lol

OSU_Gamer3960d ago

She is soo gross.

Overwieght pale dinnerplates FTW.

3960d ago
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