Father threatens son with samurai sword for playing video games

A man was charged with aggravated assault and domestic battery after he threatened his son with a samurai sword and later bit him after the victim tried to restrain him, deputies said.

Herbert Theodore Jones II, of 6265 Kimball Court, was transported to the Hernando County Jail and was held without bond.

The Hernando County Sheriff's Office responded shortly after 1:20 a.m. Saturday at the house. The victim and two witnesses said Jones became irate at his 21-year-old son for playing videogames and slapped the machine out of his hands and onto the ground, the report showed.

The son stood up to Jones, who then grabbed the sword from under his bed and pointed it at the victim's chest, deputies said.

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Bereaver3119d ago

Woah, say what? "Slapped the machine out of his hands." Machine as in console or machine as in controller lol.

Anyway, sounds funny.

Donny3118d ago

been playing to much onimusha, you sick freak!

ThanatosDMC3118d ago

Anybody remeber the time when a gamer with a samurai sword pwned a theif in his house? Yes, personally i believe trespassers should die especially if they're a threat to my loved ones.

On topic: Well.... he does look like a drunken bastard with a lot of issues.

SOAD3118d ago

I do not share your sentiments. I don't believe a burglar deserves death unless he harms or kills a loved one. Material possessions are not worth anyone's life, even if the guy is jacking your shit. If the guy attacks, then he deserves whatever happens to him, but other than that, he must live and be punished.

Syaz13118d ago

i think your opinion is a bit idealistic and have traits of criminal sympathizing. in movies, in might work well, create happy endings and all, but that doesn't fit in reality, where there are more than one central "characters". if the thief violates the rights of others, then the thief doesn't have the right "to have a right".

RockmanII73118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

#1 Dad

skrug3118d ago

machine could be a PSP or DS or another handheld

SixZeroFour3118d ago

whoa...the parent is the aggressor for once, and not the child? lol

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theonlylolking3119d ago

Now non gamers are targeting video gamers with samurai swords!!!!

toolhead4life3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

"and later bit him after the victim tried to restrain him"

Seriously? An attack with a samurai sword wasn't deranged enough?

The kid probably had some kind of discipline coming to him though, but that's a little nuts on the father's side of things.

Also, why the heck did this news publication have to give out their address? What's to be gained from that?

Edit: Just noticed the "kid" is 21.. time to venture out into the world and find your own place to live if your dad has restraint issues like this, bud.

ZeroX98763118d ago

I'm 21 and still studying at university. I come to my hometown to work for the summer and I live at my parents house to save some money, so being 21 and living at your parent house doesn't mean your doing nothing. FYI

ak3nji3118d ago

He wasn't saying 21year olds shouldn't live at home, because they have nothing to do. He was saying if you have a parent that is fkd in the head and giving you grief, then maybe you should start thinking of moving out.

Ahmay3118d ago

in my culture the youngest boy gets the responsibility of wiping their parents arses and samurai swords when they grow old. ;(
sad but thats love... :(

we're just very family oriented.


Ninjas can cut the dad up and show him how to handle a sword.

Baltis3118d ago

Where the hell do all these gamers get Swords from? Ever notice that when something like this goes down it always involves a sword of some kind? Strange.

INehalemEXI3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

I got mines from

I'd never use it in a domestic situation though ofc.

it's for zombies

Redempteur3118d ago

i have a friend looking for a gunblade ( working design ) since years ago ... can you help ?

Ahmay3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

looks like a zombie?

maybe thats why he took it out

Eiffel3118d ago

Lol, I'm still waiting for an article about a disgruntle WOW player to kill his parents with one of those replica swords from the game.

INehalemEXI3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

He would prolly need to find a swordsmith and gunsmith, and commision them.

jadenkorri3118d ago

nothing wrong with collecting knifes/swords, people collect guns, i collect swords. If you order, make sure your customs will allow it, some countries wont even let you own a sword, oddly allow you to own a gun, explain how the f'ed up that is. And yes they will be blunt, they all should be, most laws wont allow a sword that is sharp.

Ahmay3118d ago

could be taken apart into 4 seperate knives/swords....

Ichigo's sword is awesome about 5 feet long i think...

Kenshin's reverse blade sword is also kool...

PirosThe4th3118d ago

Here in Australia... there is really fucked up laws about them.. you have to ask permission to the council to own one.

And the process its long and tedious...

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Dogswithguns3118d ago

WOW, a real life Cloud?!.... not funny tho.

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