SEGA Officially Decides to Skip GamesCom for Finance Reasons

Bad news for fans of Sonic and SEGA. If you were expecting to see some new action from Sonic the Hedgehog 4 or maybe a glimpse at one of the other major SEGA titles coming down the line, don't expect to see it at the major European trade show known as GamesCom. Despite GamesCom's rapid growth in recent years to become the Euro version of E3, SEGA has opted to ignore this year's event all together.

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NYC_Gamer3684d ago

they have nothing good to offer gamers anyway

GunShotEddy3684d ago

They could have shown something new. I doubt it though. Very few tricks up their sleeves.

SupaGamer3684d ago

Damn, no footage of Sonic 4. lol.

Forbidden_Darkness3684d ago

They just havent had a great line up of high selling games, while segas games are great, they dont have the selling power of games like Mass Effect, Bioshock, or ect.

GunShotEddy3684d ago

Sega makes some good games, but when's the last time someone went ape-sh** for a Sega release?


what does sega really have?