Best Buy discounts Xbox 360 titles to $39.99

Best Buy Co. Inc. stores this week price cut select titles for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 to under $40 in a new game sale.

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SupaGamer3960d ago

Best Buy and Amazon are the two places I get my games!

Anon19743960d ago

I don't know about the US, but up here in the frozen north Alan Wake is $69.99 everywhere. What the hell? I'd like to play this game but there's no way I'm paying $70 bucks for it when I can get Red Dead Redemption for $10 bucks less, and Demon's Souls for $40!

No wonder Alan Wake, which sounds like an excellent game, isn't selling when there are better, longer games for less money. Somebody needs to wise up with their pricing strategies.

Vortex3D3960d ago

What game publishers need to understand is not every gamer wants to spend $60 for a new game especially so many games now have very short single player campaign. Not every gamer care about buying games for online multiplayer only.

Hardcore games who can't wait will be willing to spend $60 or more on newly release games while the rest of us will be more likely to buy the game if it's less after a month or two. It's a win for both because the games will get to sell more copies after the first wave of "can't wait" gamers.

jaredhart3960d ago

There are always good deals. You can preorder games cheap if you look around for a great deal.

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