Castlevania Lords of Shadow: New gameplay-footage from the demo in HD

Cynamite shows over 10 minutes of visually stunning Castlevania: Lords of Shadow ingame scenes. The game already looks fantastic.

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viking805fan3963d ago

looks cool, reminds me of God of War and Dantes inferno especially that cross weapon and gameplay

Richard Cypher3962d ago

Some kind of gow except that at this point the hero doesn't look as charismatic nor the gameplay as fluid.
The genral atmosphere of the game seem good but perfectible, but the time will tell if the game really deliver something special.

HolyOrangeCows3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

The combat looks pretty promising.

It's a bit frustrating to watch them display the 360 version when their lead platform is the Ps3. But leading on a platform doesn't mean they spent much time on it. Hopefully the did a good job on it.

Socrates3962d ago

This looks amazing. It looks every bit as good as God of War 3. Anybody that denies that is delusional. The graphics are of an exceptionally high quality.

Shaman3962d ago

Yes they are nice but remember GOW III does pretty large sized enemies.Im glad to see finally per object motion blur along with amazing textures and lighting...

SilentNegotiator3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

And you're quite familiar with delusion, aren't you?

You think those things based on this compressed video? Please.
You want to see denial, take a look at your comment.

starchild3962d ago

What's the deal? He's right, Castlevania does look equally good as GOW3.

talltony3962d ago

Starchild ur comments are becoming really predictable. U and I both know that this muliplat will not be as ambitious god of war 3.

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sid4gamerfreak3962d ago

looks rly good maybe this can rl compete and be better than god of war

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Bobby Kotex3962d ago

And here's a link to the actual video instead of the german blogspam:

HolyOrangeCows3962d ago

Yep, same video. Thanks + Bubble.

xino3962d ago

thanks man!

that trash site with translator all the time is so annoying, plus it lags for some reason:/
trash player

3962d ago
xino3962d ago

somebody wearing a hood and carrying a giant badass is that!?

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