Pro Gaming Tips: Why some gamers need to get a life!

In the series of 'gamebreaker' articles we've had, so far we've learned about how bad habits and bad teammates can ruin your game. Now we get to a sensitive topic in today's article from vVv Gaming, about a "game breaker" that should be addressed in the most delicate terms...

Ah screw it. If you read the headline, you know what we're gonna talk about, namely how sometimes gamers need to put down the control pad, turn off the gaming console, get out of their basements and live in the real world!

In other words: Get a life!

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ChickeyCantor3959d ago

Life is what you make out of it.
And it shouldn't say " gamers ", cause not all gamers are addicted in such way.

Chug3959d ago

But I'm pretty sure it says "some gamers" in the title.

ChickeyCantor3959d ago

Well played chug well played.
( dunno why i missed the word -some-)

Darkfiber3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

What's "a life" in your eyes? If someone enjoys what they are doing, who are you to say that they are wrong?

Besides, not every gamer is like that. I get laid plenty, and exercise daily, and find half an hour to make a decent healthy dinner. I've never had an energy drink in my life, and I think I've only had a TV dinner thing once in my life when I was 12 cause my mom bought it for me when my parents went out, and I hated it so much I told her to never buy me one again. And I work. Yet I STILL manage to play games for 10 hours straight sometimes. Go figure.

Oh and I have a tan.