Australian Gamers To Get R18+ Rating?

Beattie indicated that it was now time to be “realistic,” saying about the adult rating, “We've done it with movies for years. In a way, we do it with the labeling of food ingredients. More information helps consumers avoid the things they want to avoid.” He continued, “There's no difference here. Introducing an R18+ classification for video games in Australia is a no-brainer.”

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CrAppleton3956d ago

It's about time we start seeing some support for the 18+ rating in Aus

Neco5123956d ago

Maybe this guy can change some minds, but this has been going on far too long for him to completely change anything

I_find_it_funny3956d ago

good for them, banning games is pathetic

killyourfm3956d ago

Yea, those Australia gamers have been getting screwed for years. It's messed up that games need to be edited to be released there.

peowpeow3956d ago

I believe we'll get an R18+ rating sooner rather than later. I was gifted L4D2 on steam, and I can hardly imagine what it would be like censored

The Dark Knight3956d ago

lets get julia gillard to help us :p

For the people who dont know who that is its our first female prime minister...and shes a red knob

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Neco5123956d ago

This guy isn't even the Premier anymore. He isn't even in Australia anymore. Of course he'll support it now that he's in the US.

DaRockSays3956d ago

"a no-brainer" seriously Australia, this is a no brainer

Queasy3956d ago

You should be shot for that picture.

MariaHelFutura3956d ago

I don`t understand the whole videogames banning situation in AU, especially considering how AU it`s self came to be. It`s just ironically weird.

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