Gaming's future: PC or console?

Microsoft was, in some ways, forced into the business of dedicated video-game consoles a decade ago, after recognizing that general-purpose PCs weren't gaining enough traction in the living room. In an interview that appeared over the weekend, the CEO of a major video-game publisher suggested that the console business might be working out too well for the Redmond company, to the detriment of companies such as his.

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3957d ago
Ironfungus3956d ago

Has the future of gaming ever been console? No? Oh, I guess PC then.

smurfee3956d ago

Even though the PC is far superior to any console. Piracy has discouraged developers from making games specifically for the PC. However piracy would only decrease if games are at most half the price now. That's why we get 'hardcore' shovelware for theses past few years.

Only Valve can save us now.

Chug3956d ago

Sounds to me like Kotick wants a piece of live, thats all.