Details on Kinect, WiFi Extension Cable?

Tekgoblin writes:
A couple weeks ago we found details on Xbox Kinect’s pricing and we went through what was included with a purchase of Kinect. One of the items that is included with Kinect was a WiFi Extension Cable. Well, nobody actually knew what this was, so we contacted Microsoft and asked them ourselves. Here is what they said:

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darthv723960d ago

on the older 360's there is only 1 usb port that is for plugging in the wifi adapters. The kinect will need that port and will most likely have this cable to allow for the original wifi adapters to remain connected AND use kinect.

I personally have my original wifi adp plugged into the back of the hddvd drive which will have to work through the kinect ext cable as well. If they want me to buy a kinect that is.

Bigpappy3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

An extra usb port for old 360 that might be using an external Wifi. I'll go with his explanation for now.

kneon3960d ago

Make little sense to me as well, unless perhaps the communications channel between the console and Kinect is Wifi, that would explain the addition of wifi to the Xbox Slim.

But still, using Wifi to communicate between Kinect and the console makes little sense so I don't get what this is all about.

randomwiz3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

that doesn't make much sense though... if the slim and kinect communicated through wifi, what the hell is the point of the special kinect port in the new 360.

kneon3960d ago

I thought the Kinect port was so you didn't need a separate power supply.

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FragMnTagM3960d ago

Might be for the older 360's possibly? Or maybe a special feature for the new 360. I dunno I am just as confused as Blaze.

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The story is too old to be commented.