Sony 1st Party Studios Continue To Lead The Way

Oh, don’t get it twisted. The Xbox 360 house some of the biggest titles anywhere. From the upcoming Gears of War 3 to Halo: Reach. And Nintendo’s Wii is home to some of the best selling titles like Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, and Wii Sports Resorts amongst many others.

However when it comes to groundbreaking, genre changing, industry enhancing titles, you’ll find them under one roof: Sony’s third major console, the venerable PlayStation 3.

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Xwow20083963d ago

1st party studios are the elite of the gaming industry.

Hank Hill3963d ago

Only Sony 1st party studios can compete with Sony 1st party studios.

Army_of_Darkness3962d ago

crack down 2 for the win B!TCHES! LMAO! this will take down any ps3 exclusive! ;D
(I think I'm in Lala Land?!?!, hahaha!)

DarkSpawnClone3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

DAmn right..Naughty Dog is leading the way!at the head of the pack!

BTW awesome movie ^ :P

GWAVE3962d ago

Sony 1st parties are what make the PS3 a must-own. You don't have to love the Playstation brand, but you'd be a fool to ignore the number of games on it. IMO, there's no other console on the market so jam-packed with great games.

Army_of_Darkness3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

I think I need to work on my sarcasm....

klado3962d ago

Army of [email protected] make us xbox user looks bad...

karl3962d ago

look worse than crackdown 2

Commander_TK3962d ago

compete with Sony´s studios

sikbeta3962d ago

As Usual, Sony First Party Studios are in a League of Their Own and Second Party Devs Follow them...


I don't think so, N has like 5 First Party Devs working on the Same IPs while Sony Have more than 20 Studios Creating Proprietary Engines, Sharing, Tweaking, adding Tech and so Much Other Stuffs...

rezzah3962d ago

^^ all nintendo can do is do remakes of classic games. Guess why people love them off so much? It because theyre character people grew up playing, but thats all.

Scotland-The-Brave3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Tee Hee, you drunk? High? Blind Fanboy? or all three

RememberThe3573962d ago

Can no one see sarcasm anymore? Army of Darkness has said nothing but bad things about Crackdown 2. Stop being so sensitive.

On topic: Sony has done a great job acquiring talent both this generation and last generation. Sony gave these devs what they needed and in turn the developers grew into the most talented studios in the world.

Army_of_Darkness3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Hahaha! at least you got it!! I'll bubble you for that;)

@klado.... what do you mean by "us xbox users"?!?!

@ scotland... Maybe drunk for saying a bad joke?!....

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NYC_Gamer3963d ago

thats why i stick with sony and nintendo both offer great 1st party support

cobpswii36003962d ago

Nintendo reminded me of this fact at E3 and Sony never lets me forget.

Kevin ButIer3962d ago

Just wait for The last guardian and this is going to explode


Scotland-The-Brave3962d ago

I think you just made me explode.....
in my pants lol

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Why o why3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

but some think that lording sony's 1st party/2nd party model is taboo. Some say they are fine with what the others have to offer and thats fair enough, everybody's entitled to an opinion but for me sony has ALMOST made enough exclusives for some people not to need a 360 as they are very similar. The wii, because of its own internal studios means its a must IF you like their offerings.

Unless you love halo, gears, fable, crackdown, mass effect, alan wake the 360 is HARDER to justify. Seems like a long list yes, im sure ive even missed a few but im sure all of those games aren't everybody's cup of tea, which also applies to the ps3's, but a few of them are on pc negating the appeal of the 360 further. I had to get a 360 for alan wake + mass effect 1 + 2 so for me that plus the ease of use of online and its integration was enough but others may not see the point. Theres also a case of the head to heads, splinter vs metal gears, Forza GT, Infamous, crackdowns . Now unless your just an avid fan of the genre's, the type that will get most of the games no matter their platform my point is void BUT if you want the best of each genres sony has had the majority of the better versions. Yes its down to personal tastes but you KNOW what i mean and i hate using metacrap.

On the sony side there are a slew of true exclusives that pulled me in. Another reason was that I knew sony has been building its inhouse conveyor belt for years. I knew/hoped these studios would produce the goods. You could say many purchased a launch ps3 because of these factors not blind faith as some would have you believe. The new ip's alone show sony's direction and more will come, 2 new ip's already picking up goty awards...shouldnt be scoffed at. Im confident they will continue even though some of their resources will now be shifted towards move gaming.

klado3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Before it wasn't that harder, Alan wake is something to look at, but as someone who doesn't give sht about shooters, at first all these RPG, star ocean, tales of vesperia, did it for me.

But those exclusive on ps3 makes, the veriety, from motorstorm to forklore to dragon lair to uncharted... are desirable on my xbox, but oh well

Hoping fable 3 at least.

Spenok3962d ago

Except that Halo (the first 2 at least) Fable (the first, and now the third) and Mass Effect are all on the PC as well. The PC community clasifies those as multiplatform titles? Why cant the Xbox community? I understand not everyone can afford a high end PC, but you dont need a high end PC to play those. AND not everyone can afford all consoles. Reguardless, the PC is a gaming platform and if a game is on more then one platform, it is automaticly a multiplatform title.

Zir03963d ago

I disagree, Nintendo's 1st party games are the best in the industry. Only Nintendo are capable of creating the highest quality and rated games EVERY time they do a release.

I got a feeling when Kirby releases this year it will not only be highly rated but may also take GOTY from SMG2 which is not only the highest rated game of the year so far but of the entire generation.

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cobpswii36003962d ago

Sony's first party is without a doubt better and more robust. Nintendo's first party is great but Sony's is bar none.

Biggest3962d ago

If only they could come up with something new. The Sony studios have found a way to give fan service (God of Wars, R&Cs, GTs, MGSs) while also creating new IPs (inFamous, Uncharted, Resistance). Nintendo made some awesome IPs a very long time ago. They've been able to release extensions of those IPs while also digging up some IPs that have been dead since the 8-bit days. I'll take the new with the old for $60, Alex.

Colonel-Killzone3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Oh hush fanboy Highest rated my ass its rated by what only 76 critics. Let it get rated by 105 and watch it drop it quick. Stop being a blind fanboy. Grand theft auto has a 98 also SOOO WTF ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY ?

Metacritic Is shit since the rating system is complete garbage. If every game had the same amount of reviews average in then your reason to brag about SMG2 would be a bit more relevant. But since the system is trash your touting of it Is invalid. Talk to me when it can have 105 reviews with a average of 96 like uncharted 2. Instead of only 76 reviews averaging a 98.

DarkSpawnClone3962d ago

I'm sorry but Kirby?! No.It will but a great game but goty ? No.Nintendo is doing alot better but i dont realy think they will get a goty yeah every one loves zelda,mario,kirby ect. but i don't think there any games that should be up for goty and thats not a bad thing at all doesn't mean they suck or any thing like that.there just not games that push the gaming industry to higher levels of gaming like uncharted 2 last year.

Pennywise3962d ago

If you like rinse, wash, repeat to be your developers model when making a game... then yeah, Nintendo is the best.

Nin has milked all their franchises this gen and haven't given us anything new. So for you to have that opinion, fine... I respect that but I strongly disagree.

fishd3962d ago

The problem with Nintentoy is...they were producing great games when I was I am 24...Nintentoy is still 7...I don't hang out with 7 years old kids...sorry

But with Sony, they are grownig up with me...It all started with Crash and Spyro.... then moved to Ratchet and Clanck and Sly and Jak...then Uncharted and Infamous and Resistance


madpuppy3962d ago

That is what I have been saying for a long time. Mario/Zelda kirby etc.. was fine, years ago, but for god sakes take a chance Nintendo and make something completely new!

Greek God3962d ago

Wrong Nitendo 1party games are for lil Kids
do you think im 12 to play mario LMAO

rezzah3962d ago

The reason why you say that is because they bring out games with the same characters from like 20 years ago.

C0MPUT3R3962d ago

Nintendo's Presentation is stuck in 1998.
Their games lack story, deep fiction, and have gotten way too easy. (dumbed down).
Zelda Skyward Sword was my last hope, and I came away disappointed.
I love Nintendo. I grew up with Nintendo, but they have failed to evolve their existing IP's or create any compelling new one's.
Nintendo's games at their conference got great reaction, because we love those characters in those games.
None of the games they showed were ground breaking, and pushing the industry forward.
Epic Mickey did, but that isn't coming from Nintendo.
That is the difference. PS3 Exclusive games are usually AA-AAA with top level presentation & can't be matched
on a technical level. They play great, and usually have a compelling story. (Depending on the genre of course. GT5 won't.)
So for now as it stands this generation. SONY Exclusive IP's > The rest combined.

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BeaArthur3962d ago

Sony does have a pretty good line up through next year.

Hank Hill3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

What I like is that Sony releases top notch games throughout the year and they don't make us wait until September through November to play a couple of good games.

Killjoy30003962d ago

But at the variety, consistency, and quality they're produced is just mind blowing.

BeaArthur3962d ago

Yeah, although I think lots of devs. are realizing that summer doesn't have to be the "dead zone" for gaming anymore, not just Sony. Besides it wouldn't be smart to have all of your exclusives coming out at the same time, that would just hurt the overall sales.

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