US: Concern builds over new game laws

Publishers worried that proposed legislation could see major retail partners dropping violent games.

Major publisher figureheads such as EA’s John Riccitiello, Sony’s Jack Tretton, Take Two’s Strauss Zelnick and Dinsey Interactive’ Graham Hopper have expressed their concern that the potential introduction of new laws controlling the sale of video games could have a major impact on the sector’s viability in North America.

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The_Zeitgeist3024d ago

Thats just what the man wants. To pacify and control!!

Jack Klugman3024d ago

don't protect the borders of the country but make sure you take every step to protect us from ourselves..

nothing like out of touch politicians making laws for things they know nothing about. term limits and vote these jokers out.

Darkstorn3024d ago

This bill WILL NOT PASS. This is like the 8th reactionary article on this Supreme Court case in the last week, and they all say exactly the same thing.

And yes, our current Supreme Court is unbelievably out of touch, but they know the law well enough to conclude that video games are protected speech.