The Best PS3 3D games

Although Nintendo's 3DS was the highlight of E3 2010, it's Sony that's really pushing the third dimension.

Just as the Blu-ray disc became the industry standard, Sony now wants to make sure PS3 3D is the next step in gaming technology and beyond.

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MariaHelFutura3025d ago

From what I`ve heard MotorStorm:A was the most impressive 3D game showcased at E3. Killzone was obviously pretty solid aswell.

Cloudberry3025d ago

But judging from where I live + my own financial concerns...

It would be a looong time for me to enjoy 3D.


I don't even have an HD TV... >_>

jaredhart3025d ago

HDTV's are cheap now. Definitely get one, changes the gaming experience. As for me getting a 3DTV it's unlikely.

MariaHelFutura3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I don`t know your situation, but get a HDTV even a small one some of them are super cheap. Also I`ll be getting a 3Dtv sooner than later.

Cloudberry3025d ago

Even though I want it, I think I use my money elsewhere. : )

My family is #1 for me right now.

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Phaqutomb3024d ago

i just wish they would come put with an adapter for people that have 3D compatible tv's to be able to enjoy 3d also.

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BeaArthur3024d ago

I've heard the same about MotorStorm. From what I understand it's the game that really changes the experience when you play it.

karan86243024d ago

Your family wants an HD TV :P

Sneak-Out3024d ago

3D is great ... but to expensive now

Perjoss3024d ago

PC option is not too bad, as long as you have a decent PC to begin with that is. Monitor and glasses is around £400, not a bad price if you are very curious to check out an 'active shutter' style of 3d.

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The story is too old to be commented.