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Branchedout at Gamers By Nature writes: "Sony and Microsoft have been battling each other on online services for a while. They keep throwing new things at us to convince us they're the better online service. In a war between PSN and Xbox Live Gold, who might be the victor? Make your decision. Just... Don't post it anywhere. Keep it to yourself. Unless it's intelligent. No, your statement that's "Just facts" or "The truth" doesn't count. It's just fanboy drivel."

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FishCake9T43963d ago

Im not really that bothered about cross game chat on PSN. Yes it is a good feature, but if i want to talk with mates i will just play the same game as them. However, one thing i would like to see on PSN is the aability to send a voice message rather than a text message.

D4RkNIKON3963d ago

I agree, we all know cross game chat is coming and we can wait for it as it's not a feature we can't live without. I would like to be able to watch videos with friends. Like a personal theater space in Home where you can invite friends to watch video content on your HDD, movies, TV shows, recorded game segments, stream Netflix content and so on. That would be epic.

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kneon3962d ago


Actually there is a technical problem, most people have a pretty low upload speed that is insufficient for decent video. Audio would work but video would have to be too compressed to make it worthwhile.

Arnon3962d ago

They should list Steam in there, as well. It'll help show how much these console services are a rip-off.

karan86243962d ago

Plus, that would be a 1 GB upload, trying up your bandwidth and sony servers. Thats quite a bit for one person (2, since the other has to download it/stream it from their servers)

D4RkNIKON3962d ago

What if they just did it with netflix then, that way the servers do the work and just sync it so that friends can enjoy the content together.

Anon19743962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

First off, I hate cross game chat. Hate it. I had it for two years on XBL and I've got to say it was more of an annoyance than anything else. If you want to chat with me, do it when you're not playing a game. It's so freakn rude.

When this comes to the PS3, there had better be an option to turn the damn thing off.


"It saves the small trouble of setting up a squad/party/team in the game itself."

Um, is this a problem? You're all going to need to be in the same game anyway. What's the difference if you do it outside of the game or in the game? Wouldn't it be better to do it in game, that way everyone is actually in the game and ready to go? I dunno. Sounds like another useless option.

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Rigmaster3962d ago

You aren't ever going to get an honest comparison. The gaming media has pretty much decided that they are going to pretend Microsoft's online service isn't a joke because it is the only thing they can put as a checkmark in the Xbox column compared to Sony.

Sony completely dominates Microsoft in graphics, exclusives, support across all three console regions(Japan, US, Europe), reliability, media, openness and upgrade-ability, and on and on. There is a sense that you have to at least pretend Microsoft outdoes Sony in at least one are - no matter how absurd that claim is.

thewrathman3962d ago


MS actually gives much more parity across the board in terms of content.

you only need to visit the official ps forums to see the hoards of europeans complain about the lack store content.

servers on 4-5 games is hardly worth crowing about.especially when no-one is playing them games.last i checked ps3 fans were still playing MW2.sonys biggest seller to date.

and MAG, the only massive online game.which im pretty sure is dead in the your dedicated server games are only entertaining tumble weed right now.

sonys online network is the joke of consoles.its laggy,slow and full of save game and trophy cheats.if they actually gave a damn they would moderate it and hand out mics that dont sound like pirate video audio from 1988.coupled with firmware updates that dont do anything.not to mention having to wait 20 minutes to play a game after an unnessary update or mandatory install.i find it hilarious after 3 years,they stil need a firmware update every month.what are we on now?40?45? since launch.

can they not get it right?

how much is half assed?free..thank god..because you wouldnt pay for it.

nuff said

xDaRkModEx3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

@ thewrathman
actually a server is worth all the money. i can go right now on my pc and play call of duty server in the UK with 4-3 bars. Do you want me to repeat that. There is no way i can get tht on server by a peer on the UK.

A dedicated server doesnt limit how much players can be in a server. i can easily find a halo 1 for pc with 16 players full. on cod4 i can find a server with 50+, and these are just multiplatform games.

what im basically saying is that with dedicated server a lot can be done because you are not being force down to nothing, only the what you can or want to offer ;p

Gamer_Z3962d ago

"servers on 4-5 games is hardly worth crowing about.especially when no-one is playing them games.last i checked ps3 fans were still playing MW2.sonys biggest seller to date."

Last time i checked xbox fans were still playing Halo 3. Microsoft's biggest seller to date. See what i did there... TROLL

ThanatosDMC3962d ago

I still dont understand why there's so much hate for MAG eventhough they've never played it themselves. It'd be really nice to have more skilled people playing MAG but they're too scared to try it because they may actually like it.

I'm not much of an FPS fan, but MAG really sucked me up like a thousand dollar whore... good metaphor?... I really want fps gamers who think they have godly skillz in MW2 and BF2 to try MAG and see how badly they will die or be challenged by other players.

klado3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Poor wrathman, forced down to one bubble for trolling, now with another account trolling, do you even learn, how stupid and inconsiderate of you not getting it right the second time, but sure you have all the time in the world, pity, for the other side, why say psn is laggy if you favor so much the xbox, enough to say you don't have a ps3, see who tells you that, another xbox user only!.

Poor nerd, imagine you like a fat guy who is afraid of girl and doesn't have a life but troll against sony with all his might...LOL, dude for the fact of psn being free, I dish live, won't pay for it NEVER, guess you would go as far as say you love to pay 50 a year just for the sake of protect your lovely console, funny, keep it going.

For the other side...go youtube and search MAG 128 players in one spot, and bold out lag from it, should be fun to not find it then makes your way down to troll anyway, thanks for bringg such an entertainment to n4g.

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Christopher3962d ago

It's not about cross-game chat, it's about online fanboys having something to bitch about. If there was cross-game chat, they'd find something else to complain about not being on the PSN service.

Rigmaster3962d ago


It really is hilarious to think that all that effort is nothing more than self ownage. Instead of complaining to Microsoft to put the effort into trying to match Sony's online network standards, they sit around in forums frantically trying to hype stupid bullet point features almost no one cares about hoping it will convince gamers that their poor quality online service is 'teh best'.

Just think if Xbox fans has put all that effort into getting Microsoft to get dedicated servers standard for major games like Sony and PC gaming.

BeOneWithTheGun3962d ago

It's about getting into a "chat session" then all of us going to play the same game. Party feature. That way I can play Battlefield with 4 of my friends and not have to listen to all the idiots who clog up the network with their stupid whiny drivel, darth vader voices and gangsta talk wannabes. We can talk, plan our game plan and actually work as a team.


FanboyPunisher3962d ago

You,d have to be a Peter puffing fool to think for a second psn- is even close to live quality.

Keep dreaming in a few years or ps4 might have some features.

Long road ahead for Sonys sucky service

BX813962d ago

I think PSN will never top live until they give you cross game chat and the ability to talk in a private room while playn all games!

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I_find_it_funny3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Well, I like PSN enough, but cross games chat is mostly used to talk while playing the same game without hearing others (muting everybody else) so it's pretty usefull
I miss a few features like proper party system and voice messaging.

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KratosGod33962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Playstation Network plus!!! Rocks...

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