Top 10: Hottest girls playing video games

It’s the ultimate male video gamer’s fantasy that you could be playing alongside or against an attractive female online.

After all, you never quite know who you are playing with on Nintendo Wi-Fi, PlayStation Network or Xbox Live.

Following is a countdown (with video) of the 10 hottest girls playing video games.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro3956d ago

I advise everyone to get thier hand lotion ready before clicking the link.

Have fun....i did.

AntoineDcoolette3956d ago

Where's that Quagmire guy when you need him? I hope he doesn't mind me filling in for him, but, giggity.

Tomdc3956d ago

It's not big, it's not funny and it's not clever.

chrisnick3956d ago

where's the kinect chick with the great ass? as far as i'm concerned she doesn't need a face.

knight6263956d ago

"Ironically this makes me want to pull out my joystick and begin playing"

funny shit i heard

HolyOrangeCows3956d ago

"I advise everyone to get thier hand lotion ready before clicking the link" wasn't THAT sexy.

Hideo_Kojima3956d ago

When you are 13 years old even pictures from the National Geographic are sexy...

JoySticksFTW3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

uh... why are there little kids running around the naked drummer girl?

You drum naked in front of your kids?


Necrum beat me to it. Disturbing...

zeeshan3956d ago


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NecrumSlavery3956d ago

Naked Rock Band girl question. Who are the kids and at what point is it ok to have them hanging out with a naked women.

deanobi3956d ago

oh its perfectly normal to be naked whilst playing with your kids lol

kevnb3956d ago

i wish people would stop trying to tell other people what they can and cant do.

Big Frank3956d ago

Yeah that was really weird. Who was that girl? Was it their sister, mum, babysitter?.....Whoever it was, that was just weird, but at least those little guys are the coolest dudes in school now since they've seen a naked grown women.

LoydX-mas3956d ago

I agree, adults should be able to do whatever they want with kids around........just like Michael Jackson.

DaTruth3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

Only 99.9999999R% of species on this whole planet walk around naked in front of their kids! They can't be naked in their own home?

You guys are a little bit uptight!

ARBitrator3955d ago

It a guy was sitting naked play rock band with two little girls in the room people would see him as a weird perv (as would I).

But it's funny how people are more accepting of this behavior by a woman.

In addition, if she's that free around the kids, I wonder what else the kids have see her do naked...who knows.

It's just strange, I know I wouldn't approve of my girl being nude around the kids playing fcking rock band..really

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I_find_it_funny3956d ago

hot girls always get hot here

peowpeow3956d ago

I had fun..laughing at your fun :P

blizzard_cool3956d ago

10,9,8 and 4 are really really hot

KingME3956d ago

Number 8 should have been Number 1.

ukilnme3956d ago

Hell yes, #8 should have been number 1. Going back for another look. Please don't tell my wife.

spunnups3956d ago

too bad we never saw the front of that beautiful behind

MikeGdaGod3956d ago

the rest of them got the flattest asses i've ever seen....horrible

DarkSpawnClone3956d ago

scottie2521 likes big buts and he can not liee.

MikeGdaGod3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

that's a little too much ass......even for me!!!! LOL

MikeGdaGod3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )


You Already Know3956d ago

exactly how feel...her booty movements are hypnotic...I know she was playing a racing game, I actually glanced at the game for about a second and a half...

the rest are just a bunch of cheap tricks...

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oli3956d ago

#8 has it goin on!!

Brewski0073956d ago

lol naked rock band girl is most definately the coolest chick ever.
I also like hula-girls jiggly bits. mmmmm yum

ARBitrator3955d ago

I thought naked rock band girl was a bit irresponsible sitting around the house naked with the two young boys up and about. She's probably bitches about violence and nudity on TV

solar3956d ago

im glad my gf doesnt play video games. i can tell her to leave me alone and i get my time to shoot faces ;)

GrandTheftZamboni3956d ago

"I advise everyone to get thier hand lotion ready before clicking the link."

Or lube the controller (unfortunately only on PC):

8thnightvolley3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

NO 8 .. is the realllll shyt.. look at those curves.. oohhh laa laaa... just imagine she riding u... wow..!

zeeshan3956d ago

Nothing beats the Naked Rock Band Milf :)

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BubbleSystemSuck3956d ago

i thinks is in the wrong order...
#1 is the worst

raWfodog3956d ago

#8 should have been #1 :)

oli3956d ago

big booty all the way! loll

ChronoJoe3956d ago

Yep, gets worse as it goes down.

Number 1 is overweight.

theEx1Le3956d ago

overweight? are you f***ing kidding me. seriously you need your eyes checked.

Apolloeye3956d ago

Nothing wrong with a bit of junk in the trunk...

GiggMan3956d ago

Man I tell ya, the definition of overweight has changed since I was a kid...

TheLeprachaun3956d ago

Don't see why ChronJoe is getting disagrees. She IS overweight. Her BMI is terrible. Maybe if she spent more time doing actual excercise ( HIIT / resistance weight training) and less time on Wii Fit, she'd have a better body.

EinRobot3956d ago

The female body you see on tv is not the only female body type. its judgmental ppl like you that cause girls to have eating disorders.

IdleLeeSiuLung3956d ago

According to the BMI, she probably is overweight. The BMI seems to be more for starving you to the point of near death!

TheLeprachaun3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

I'm not talking about females on tv. I'm talking about looking after your health. I'm not saying a girl should weigh nothing or be skinny. It's called having muscle. No wanting a girl to be fat does not mean I want them to be twigs. That girl has almost no muscle and more fat than is healthy. You can be really 'thin' and still be 'fat' in the sense that you have a pretty high body fat %.

I'm not saying that girl should be a twig, but saying she's not overweight is a lie. Perhaps she's not obese or anything, but I don't like people making excuses for themselves. She needs to lose fat and gain muscle to be 'not overweight'. I'm not talking about the mass of a person here by the way, I'm talking about their BMI and fat percentage. Mass is irrelevant.

People are so idiotic when they think that if someone calls someone overweight, it means they want them to starve themselvs. Starving yourself is not a way to get healhty. Eating a diet full of good food, lifting weights and doing cardiovascular excercise is way of staying healthy. Never did I promote women to get 'eating disoders'. I think that's nearly as sickening as overweight people.

DaTruth3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

When over 50% of your population is fat; fat then becomes normal and normal becomes twigs!

They want us all to be fat like them! Misery loves company!

If you're very active as a child and maintain a good diet, you will never have to exercise past 20 years old!

Edit: Not saying she's fat, I didn't even watch that video... er... because I thought she looked fat.

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raWfodog3956d ago

She would not have been my pick for #1 but she is not 'overweight' as in fat. Her mid-section is a little 'pudgy' but you are gonna give a lot of impressionable youth out there the wrong idea of healthy. Just because you don't have tight abs or your ribs aren't showing doesn't mean that you are overweight.

ChronoJoe3956d ago

All I'm saying, the reason she's playing Hula is quite obvious.

Sure, she's a 'real' woman, and all that. But when there are model-looking stunners ranked below her, some things off.

I didn't say she was fat, I said she was technically overweight, and she is. I didn't say that didn't mean she couldn't be pretty (she didn't have a stunning face either but that's neither here nor there) but when there are stunners ranked lower, than herself... yeah.

Are_The_MaDNess3956d ago

what is up with kids these days?
i mean, comon. that is faaaaar from overweight

8thnightvolley3956d ago

are u kidding me... most of them are flat as shyt.. she is the only one that actually looks like a woman rather than a plank

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killyourfm3956d ago

Achievement unlocked: Unlike most of the people probably reading this article, I get to play video games with an attractive woman...on my couch.

Sitris3956d ago

She is even more of a trophy hunter than i am with nearly 32 platinums, compared to my 21 haha, love my gaming weekends and weeknights.