Wii takes flak for slow hardware

Nintendo continues to get complaints from developers who say that the Wii simply doesn't have the horsepower to run their games. Most recently, the company behind Haze are saying they won't be releasing the title on the Wii because the technology they require just isn't there with the Wii...

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BIadestarX5400d ago

Is it me, or all the hype abou the wii is slowly dying?

andy capps5399d ago

The pre-launch hype seems to be dying down and I'm personally waiting to see how it all turns out. I still think it's going to be more of a niche console that may or may not be a household item like the Ipod. I think a lot of it will depend on their marketing, Apple has mastered that with the Ipod. It will also depend on how user friendly it is. Ipod is not the best mp3 player, but it is probably the simplest, the software is simple and well integrated, etc. I have one of the 30g video Ipods and have liked it overall, but wish that I had waited for Creative's new video/mp3 player.

Back to the topic, I think that Wii will have games like the DS has, games like Brain Age, Mariokart, etc. Those are all great, but definitely not my cup of tea, but apparently there are many people out there that like casual games like that as the DS has done very well. The Wii may be the same way.

Gh0stDrag0n5399d ago

Most developers do not want to make a game for only 1 system. They want 1 game for 2 or 3 systems. Wii games will be best if they are made just for the Wii, not some crappy port from 360, PC, or PS3. Hmmmm........let me make a crap game I can sell for 2 to 3 systems or a really good game for the Wii. They will always opt for the biggest number of sales. The Wii will have to outsell the 360 and the PS3 before developers make alot of exclusive games for it.

Marriot VP5399d ago

Yah nintendo will be third place....again. I told you guys that the hype and excitement for the Wii would die out by launch time. This console's only gonna last a year or two.

wakkiwakko5399d ago

It’s not dying at all. It’s being overshadowed by the idiotic fanboys of both X360 and PS3. They want their console to completely abolish the other one that they will join into any conversation and steal the topic. It’s saddening.

The hype for the Wii is still very strong. People are talking about it. People are fantasying about it. News hype for the Wii might be dying. But people are still as ambitious about the Wii as they were pre and post e3-06.

As for the article. It’s rubbish. As, Gh0stDrag0n has said. Devs are more greedy than creative. They want money rather than fame. It’s sick and disturbing. Nintendo will get its share of first party games. Not as much as its share of shoddy third party games. But it will get its share. :D

As nintendo have said many times; Wii is meant to be a 2nd console in the household. Buy a PS3 or an X360. Wii does look well beside each of those. And it’s cheap ;). How can you say no to a slick/stylish dirt-cheap innovative console?

andy capps5399d ago

I could say no, but I may say yes eventually after some price drops. I could say no to a console that is essentially a slightly updated Gamecube that is marginally more powerful than the Xbox, but throws in a new control scheme. For the new control scheme and better designed console, they're asking you to pay $199-249. That may be enough for gamers, and myself, to pass on it.

This is in stark contrast to the Xbox 360 and PS3 which are both leaps and bounds beyond their previous console efforts in the area of CPU's, GPU's, etc.

wakkiwakko5399d ago

So, you’re saying gamers, such as yourself, want power and graphics more than they want innovativeness and essentially new/exciting gameplay?

shotty5399d ago (Edited 5399d ago )

To 4.3,
Well ya isn't that why we replace our computers aswell every few years. We can read emails and type documents on a pentium 3 running windows 2000. More Power = More innovations. Look at Saints Row (no loads, so very much detail i.e the dice in the car actually move according to the car movement, you can hear what others at listening to in their cars when they drive by, etc)

wakkiwakko5399d ago

That really isn't detail. That's just more data coming to the end user. It looks cool, but does it add to the gameplay? It adds the realism. Yes. But not to the gameplay. I don't care for graphics nor gameplay physics... I just want enjoyable games. Mario has always given that. It's what I adore about Nintendo. Even now gamers play Snes/Nes/N64 on their pcs. Long lasting gameplay.

Sure ps2/xbox emulators are long away, but it's where Nintendo is still alive at. That and aracade systems.

It may not give them any money, but it still has given fans something to enjoy. :D

andy capps5399d ago

That's exactly what I'm saying. I don't care for gimmicky gameplay. I don't care for the DS either. I have an NES system and really don't enjoy the old games enough to play them, because once I've played something that looks better, it's hard for me to go back.

Also, we'll see how innovative it is in several years, if third party developers are still making games for it and if people think that it is worth paying $200-250 for a new control scheme. If you want to buy the Wii and enjoy the whole "retro" gaming thing, then that's cool. I will probably take a pass for a while until I see if Nintendo can keep any third party developers this time around in the console cycle, and until the price drops enough for me to consider buying it.

And 4.3 is spot on.

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kewlkat0075399d ago (Edited 5399d ago )

some games will be exciting for 30 mins then youll be poofed..Nintendo has always been innovative, but the last 4 years its been catering to 12 year old which is fine cause I remember playing nintendo in the past with SNES, when they were more variety of games. I got the N64 when they had Goldeneye and zelda. I got the cube well lets see Mario cart, zelda yet again.
With that being said the Wii is looking the same ,I might get it and play like 5 oldschool games unless the remote thingy works well and developers be creative with it, but I can't see Hardcore games on the Wii. Not enough Power exactly. Just just party games and oldschool titles. Yet with the cheap price I def will have one...why nota...

wakkiwakko5399d ago

it's been "catering" to youngsters becuase it's what others want you to belive. Nintendo has always been catering to true gamers. Not gamers that want graphics and realism. Gamers that want true innovative and enjoyable game play. That's all. Sure it may seem kidish or childish but it can be enjoyed by adults around the world. :)

andy capps5399d ago

wakkiwakko- I have absolutely no problem with you, but I can tell that you're a big fan of Nintendo. That's cool man, but I completely disagree with you in almost all aspects of this discussion, so I'll agree to disagree. I hope you enjoy the Wii and all the games that come out. :)

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