TOP 5 Best Villains in Final Fantasy Games

The name "Final Fantasy" is synonymous with JRPG, the old school RPG, and "classic" to gamers everywhere. Many years ago only the nerdiest of gamers would have played Final Fantasy, and spoke of it in the same hushed reverie as art fans speak of Michelangelo, but today you have to have been living under a rock if you haven't played at least one Final Fantasy game. Whether you are a lifetime fan, a recent fan, a former fan, or somebody who has only heard the name "Final Fantasy" and nothing else, the long and storied history of the Square-Enix flagship franchise is one to be celebrated.

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Wizziokid3963d ago

personally Sephiroth is number #1 for me but still a nice list/article.

SupaGamer3963d ago

Yep, Sephiroth will always be #1.

Quagmire3963d ago

Bobby Kotick is number 1.

Oh, this is for Final Fantasy? I just thought it meant in general. BK is A Grade horseshit.


ii wish i wish i wish i could get into these games

3953d ago