MMO Weekly: Sci-Fi MMOs' Clearly Defined Roles

IncGamers' Geoff Hollis explains why SWTOR will be a winner in this weeks MMO Weekly.

From the article:

"Now look, a lot of people have talked about a lot of the information that BioWare revealed at E3, and that's all fine and good. I have to say, however, in regard to virtually all the commentary I've read, heard, and seen discussed, that everyone seems to be missing the point. (Quite frankly, I'm sometimes quite disappointed in my fellow MMO journalists. Everyone seems to have been wowed by the new trailer. “Oooooh, a trailer showing some awesome Star Wars-ey action! This game is gonna rock!) While the trailer is awesome, I picked up on something in the gameplay demo that most seem to have missed. The big deal, for me, is that BioWare really demonstrated that they are getting the big picture in a way that other sci-fi MMOs have not."

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Dorjan3026d ago

The FMV was idiotic. "I know, i'll run at a sith lord even though my weapon was working just fine!"

Djorgo3026d ago

Jeff always has really interesting or funny things to say. Wide MMO experience is what it is.