Xbox 360: This has the new Xbox 360 ahead of the PS3

Yes, there are a lot of exclusives for PS3, but there are some good reasons to buy the new Xbox instead of the PS3, Videogameszone says.

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FangBlade3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

wow look at the "reasons".
talk about grasping at straws lol.

Cevapi883969d ago

no even an fail

3969d ago
sikbeta3969d ago


You're Wrong, is not RROD, it's RDOD...


It doesn't even has a Blu-Ray Player, How can I take this article serious, please...

Dee_913969d ago

now they saying its better than the ps3 for having shit the old ps3 had .. wow

Conloles3969d ago

For the disagrees I'm gonna say that PC pwns all.

zootang3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )


Still waiting on RDR for the PC I see.

HolyOrangeCows3969d ago

1) Indie games
2) DLC
3) Kinect
4) Halo Reach
5) Multiplats
6) Fable 3
7) Dreamcast Ports
8) Cross Chat
9) Price Advantage (In Germany)
10) Gears 3

Those are crappy reasons. Kinect, DLC, price advantages that only apply to certain countries, multiplatform games.....what a load of crap.

Information Minister3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Thank you for saving me the trouble of actually giving hits to that site.

WTH! Dreamcast ports are also on the PS3. And Kinect? Seriously?! Was it because of Justin Bieber?

zootang3969d ago

Why has Meatpopsicles comment been removed?? It wasn't spam it was fact!

Christopher3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

What a horrible article...

The reasons are:
1. Indie Games
2. DLC
3. Kinect
4. Halo: Reach
5. Multiplatform games
6. Fable 3
7. Dreamcast games
8. Cross-game chat
9. New 360 for 249 Euros
10. GeoW3

My response from a PS3 perspective:
1. Ditto (minis and PSN games)
2. Ditto
3. PS Move
4. Killzone 3
5. Ditto
6. inFamous 2
7. Ditto
8. Free online gaming
9. Same priced PS3 w/more built-in
10. SOCOM 4

I mean, honestly, what a waste of an article since for every pro for one platform there's one for the other.

HolyOrangeCows3969d ago

"Thank you for saving me the trouble of actually giving hits to that site"
Sure thing. I wish I could have posted sooner to save more people from giving them hits.

Anyway, you may now give me a "helpful" bubble :)

Tomdc3969d ago

okay don't you think some of you are being a bit fanboyish.. no? Well carry on! I'll just crawl back into my hole....

Regardless of the quality of the article nothing warrents RROD being shouted on every 360 article. I don't even own a 360 I just get sick of this kinda stuff.

Anon19743969d ago

You might be sick of continually hearing about RROD, but for tens of millions of 360 owners it's still a legitimate concern. It's all well and good that Microsoft claims they finally have a handle on it finally but until they break into my house and replace my 4th 360 console with one of these new units, I'm still going to worry about it every time I turn on my 360, still think about it after an hour of play and wonder if I shouldn't shut my console down. And when I go to buy software, I tend to pass over 360 games because I've had a software library that I've been unable to play for months while Microsoft jerked me around about my replacement console.

The reason RROD keeps coming up is because the issue hasn't gone away, and many of us are now without warranties for when our consoles die again.

Commander_TK3969d ago

Yes! PC is the best platform to game on! Just watch Blackbustercritic´s latest video!

Lich1203969d ago

At what point will people just start chalking things up to personal preference? I play my 360 more than my PS3, but thats because I like Gears of War a lot. Oh, and the Thumbsticks (but PS3 has a far better D-PAD). Again, this is MY opinion.

CGOODNO had a great comparison. They go tit for tat on many things, most of the time if boils down to what YOU want to play and how YOU want to play it. These articles have been getting old for a long time. Also, thanks to those that posted the list to save me a trip.

bakasora3968d ago

what a f***ing pushover

LilSis3966d ago

imo the 360 has better exclusives tan da ps3...

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MariaHelFutura3969d ago

Own both, but the PS3 IMO is a much better system to have for alot of reasons.

Myze3969d ago

Yeah, and that seems the reason they made this article. What they really mean is: "Sure, the ps3 is better in 1000 different ways, but here's 10 "reasons" why you might want to consider getting a new Xbox."

Honestly, it seems more like a list of stuff that might persuade a ps3 owner to buy a 360 (poor list, though), not why a 360 is better than a ps3. Half the reasons on the list are ridiculous. The only real draw is the 2-3 decent exclusives that come out for it each year.

BldyShdw3969d ago

But why does the article call Halo: Reach...Halo 3: Reach?

the_1080p_guy3969d ago

They never played halo or probably cant count.But they heard that it sells well.So,from a xbots perspective it is one of the best games ever made.

loslonelyman3969d ago

Gran Turismo 5.....Enough Said!

vhero3969d ago

Wow there seems a lot of "justification" articles lately. Seems somebody worried much about the extent of ps3's exclusives and the quality of them. This is like the 10th article this week about why somebody thinks 360 or one of it's accessories is better than ps3 or one of its accessories. I have never seen so many articles about justifying a console on N4G in such a short time since I started visiting.

36T3969d ago

I have one word for you. No.

"I have never seen so many articles about justifying a console on N4G in such a short time since I started visiting"

Go back and check all those PS3 Slim articles instead of spending all your time in the 360 section.

FragMnTagM3969d ago

where were you when the slim launched? Talk about justification. You PS3 fans only are the worst. You are so enraged in your fake war in your head that you lose all reason and facts.

I love my badass PC, Wii, PS3 and 360. We are one big happy family. But here in N4PS3G, I am only allowed to praise the PS3 or risk losing my bubbles what a croc of shit.

Jack Klugman3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

That is rich and full of ignorance. This place is a daily group therapy session for PS3 fanboys.

The only advantage PS3 has is Blu-ray and for a game machine I don't need it as the non-stop enjoyment I'm getting from the 360 proves.

I'm not going into the ten reasons and this site did as good of a list as they do on their crappy game comparisons.

Not need to justify it, it is just better for me and I've played them both.

36T & FragMnTagM YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! +Bubbles Now just look down below at people like hasj1990 to see some desperate justification.. Agreed the worst in gaming

cool cole3969d ago

Lol, while vhero isn't completely right, don't act like 360 fanboys are the saints of N4G, or any other video game site either. A lot lately I've seen worse 360 fanboys than PS3 fanboys, and before you bubble rape me and flood me with disagrees, just understand everyone is a fanboy of something, and people disagree all the time.

RustInPeace3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

why does ANYONE have to justify their taste to anybody else? Fanboys, XBOTS, Sonydrones, does ANY of that mud slinging make anyone saying it look like THEY are the person who made the "right" purchase? I chose PS3 because I own a huge back catalog of PS/PS2 games, so obviously buying a PS3 would make my purchase "justified" (yes i own a launch model with b/c.) did I have to waste time screaming from a mountain top that "I BOUGHT A PS3! IT IS THE ONLY CONSOLE ANYONE WILL EVER NEED!"?.... Or better yet, jump on a game sites comment section and just trash the system i didn't buy? No, because it gets everybody NOWHERE... not typing it, not reading it, it just stirs up personal wars between people who think what they have is better than the competition... Its one thing to not like a product, but its another for bashing a person because of what THEY chose (directed to ALL sides,$ony & M$ users mostly)

mastiffchild3969d ago

No, the point is it's another really WEAK article and there's little to no hope of ever getting this disparate gaming community to show the mutual respect it needs to thrive fully while sites which should know a lot better behave like the most tawdry of fanboy zealots.

The fact that some gamers behave abominably towards those with a different opinion is one thing but sites, developers and such doing the self same kind of thing is a bit much.

We all have to suffer P2P on games like MW2 purely because we lack the ability to respect and support each other. When the OPC had it's servers removed we shouls all have asked where ours were but instead console fanboys(of all three favours-none are any better than the next)laughed. "PC gamers deserve it!", they said. "Piracy! Paying less anyway! Why should they get more?" They asked. Why not ask Activision why we weren't all getting the obvious thing which would improve the game from the market leading shooter in 2009? Because console fanboys couldn't wait to laugh at PC gamers because of the very few elitist PC fanboys that get up their noses and Activision exploited this with excellently thought out divide and rule tactics.

Now, this is just the kind of article(and there's tons on both sides to be fair even if it's been open season for anti Sony FUD this week)that cements crappy behaviour between gamers and by giving articles and sites like this that run them hits we just keep the circle going. We keep ourselves weak and easy to exploit and while we do it's hard to say we deserve a great deal better. One day we might wake up and realise that even though we prefer one console over the next, prefer gaming on our PC or prefer a pad to motion controls it's not a right to say as fact that we're right. Gaming needs to become more inclusive on the wider community side and articles like this existing is a sign that we're a country mile from doing that.

That it supports the 360 is neither here nor there(you could find equally weak pro Wii and pro PS3 pieces as well), no, the mere fact they think it's OK to run crap like it shows how far standards of behaviour are falling between us and it makes me a particularly sad panda. Am I the only one who just finds it all a bit sad? I mean, I've got as many biases and preferences as the next guy but it almost feels expected these days to take it too far and be borderline abusive and I don't quite see what good comes of it-but see plenty of reason to think it hurts us all.

duplissi3968d ago

so why dont we all read cool cole's comment and click the agree button and bubble him up because its one of the most true statements ive read here on n4g.

honestly the way you guys are reacting to vhero's comment is damn pathetic, even if his comment is a little skewed... so you happen to like the 360 over the ps3... woo! I happen to like the ps3 over the 360... woo! (i have both btw)

i think its time we stopped acting like insecure children who have to justify their preference/purchase to others, and start realizing that not everyone is the same and what appeals to you may not appeal to me, and vice versa. i understand why some might prefer the 360 over the ps3, and just because i dont agree doesnt make that preference wrong or invalid.

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neolit3969d ago

There are different reasons to have each one. Some people need both some don't. We all know which one is a more powerful one. This is simple. On the other hand, which one is better, that is a lot of matter of taste, and as they say, in the matters of taste, there is no discussion.

King_many_layers3969d ago

Cgoodno you didn't even need to place all those games in your list..

You could replace KZ3 with 3D games and Movies.
Multiplatform titles with extra full games on the disc
Not just dreamcast but PS1 classics

Any games mentioned are merely icing for either side All down to taste... I know metacritic and sales wont help me enjoy any game

tinybigman3969d ago

Who are saying PS3 fanboys, trolls are the worst you are all f*cking HYPOCRITES. When the ps3 launched and wasn't doing so hot you so called 360 fanboy, trolls treated people who expressed their like of the PS3 like sh*t.

Now that its the other way around you wanna cry like b*tches and say the place is overrun. You know what tough sh*t deal with it.

On topic if your a true gamer and can afford it you would own all 3 systems and buy the best games on each one. I own all 3 and I'm sure there are plenty of others who do too because it doesn't matter to them they love games.

tinybigman3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

look at all the hurt feelings from hearing the truth. this site is full of sad people who can't handle the truth.

@starchild below
don't give me that BS i remember reading all the crap that was said/written. just look at my comment below that i list the order i play my systems the most and i can tell the fanboys feelings are hurt.

Old Greg3969d ago

Now I remember why I havent logged into my N4G account in months.

Socrates3969d ago

I own both an Xbox 360 and a PS3. Out of the two I prefer the 360 and I couldn't care less what the PS3 fanboy hordes on N4G say.

I don't shove my preference down anybody's throat and I am sick and damn tired of the PS3 fanboys shoving their preferences down everybody's throats.

tinybigman3969d ago

back when the 360 was riding high and the ps3 not so much. do not get it twisted ok you sound like a hypocrite right there.

starchild3969d ago

It was never that way. PS3 fanboys lie and claim that this site was once overrun by trolling 360 fanboys, but when you are challenged to prove it you never can. The reason you can't prove it is because it is a lie. 360 fanboys never trolled PS3 articles to the same extent as PS3 fanboys troll 360 articles. There were never even that many 360 fans on this site.

You PS3 fanboys were hating on the 360 before it ever came out. I was a fan of the first Xbox and I was really excited for the 360 and I remember how much the PS3 fanboys hated on it before and after it came out.

solar3969d ago



orange-skittle3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Even though I hate when fanboys fight for MS or Sony as if they are getting a share of the profits...they have to admit that no PS3 exclusive sells better than Gears or Halo. They will trump that up as 360 has more consoles out there, but that gets debunked when they also say that PS3 is only 5m behind 360. As if 5m is an easy number to make up. I love both of my consoles and the only thing PS3 has over my 360 is a browser(which sucks). The PS3 is much more powerful and has the potential to one day DESTROY the 360 and Microsoft knows this. That's why they maintain marketing, improving XBL, and adding features we are interested in. They keep it visible so that the brand will remain fresh. It's just smart business. They receive hate for no reason at all. If you're not hated on, you're not keep hating

muDD3968d ago

orange-skittle>>> u have no clue...

i too have both systems, and there is no way the ps3 is much more powerful...and that it will one day "DESTROY" the 360. Sony fanboys have been saying this for FIVE YEARS NOW!!! and it has not happened. the ps3 has a slight edge in processing power, but the 360's graphix card is much more powerful than the ps3's, look it up... It's all about the DEVS... id is proving this.

sid4gamerfreak3968d ago

@the guy who wrote this fail article: No man, just no....

there r so many things wrong with ur article that its not even funny...

@Conloles: Pc does own all. But these console fanboys will feel jealous and they already know that...

Consoldtobots3968d ago

"2 years ago the only reason to own a xbox was because ps3 had no exclusiives..
now they saying its better than the ps3 for having shit the old ps3 had .. wow" didn't really think any of the "criticisms" leveled at the PS3 were ever justified or fair did you? The only reason the PS3 was "bad for consumers" was because it didn't have a microsoft logo on it. This is why these fanboys and fanboy websites have never gotten any credit or respect from me. They're more transparent than an xray of water.

3968d ago
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DontShoot-Me-Bro3969d ago ShowReplies(4)
cobraagent3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

The article is 1 paragraph short with no comparisons whatsoever, just describing the new XBOX360

If you notice in the end it says:

"In the following gallery, we tell you why a PS3 for Xbox 360 owners, no topic should be."

But the gallery is composed of images and descriptions of those images that are not translated!!!!
Shame on those who approved such a poor "article" with a title created by the contributor

BeaArthur3969d ago

All of these articles are the same thing. This is why I never click the links for these. Just some site desperate for hits.

cobraagent3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

this story actually got approved!!! It contains no reasons and it is pure flambait. The lack of moderators in this site astonishes me...
In my opinion, all those who approved the article and the contributor who made up his own title should be banned

BeaArthur3969d ago

Yeah, the moderators just push these through. I remember seeing an article a few weeks ago where it had 5 approvals and 14 reports (similar flamebait article) and yet it still ended up on the front page. The approval process is pretty much irrelevant, they just have us do it to lighten their work load because at the end of the day they will ultimately decide what does or does not end up on the front page.

FLAMES_1873969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

so u never click on these links 4 hits but yet ur here commenting? better yet u always had something negative 2 say about ps3 on every 360 praised article but now u hate flaimbait right? is the reason because ps3 fans owns this article so well that u feel theres nothing 4 u to say but how much this is flaimbait? i admit im a troll but u beat around the bush until u find the right moment to strike at the ps3 ur the definition of fake and yes ps3 still owns ps3 fans run this site and his article is pointless just like YOU.

Corrwin3969d ago

It's a glorified Slideshow, each image on a new page with a load of adverts. If you feel the need to swell your 360 balls, then by all means look but for god's sake take an add-blocker with you!

the_1080p_guy3969d ago

Actually google should save their time by stopping translation of these shitty sites and invest some time on something else like improving their search engine.