The Top 20 Highest Rated PSN Games by North American PS3 Users

Being able to rate content on the PlayStation Store was a feature added in firmware update v3.40. This new system will undoubtedly assist gamers in their quest to find the best games the PlayStation Network has to offer.

We compiled a list of the top 20 highest rated PSN games in North America. There are some pleasant surprises.

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Jacobite3026d ago

Battlefield 1943 could do with some dlc would be number 1 in the list maybe :)

Delriach3026d ago

It's one of the best selling on the PSN. It really should get some DLC.

iamnsuperman3026d ago

I was really surprised by how great that game was.....I would start playing it again if some DLC for it came out

DolphGB3026d ago

I thought B1943 was a good shooter, but it lacked any real depth for me. Sure, it was a PSN title, so what did I expect?

Well, the truth is that when you compare it to the support, DLC, depth and fun I had with Warhawk (sure, I know that's third-person, but it is a shooter), B1943 pales in comparison.

If only they would announce Starhawk already! :)

Red-Dead-Roar3026d ago

not gonna happen. 1943 was made for fun on their time off from bfbc2.. bc2 gets supported and now medal of honor....

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Lord_Ranos3026d ago

The rating system is nice.

Delriach3026d ago

Agreed. I wonder what took Sony so long to implement this.

NecrumSlavery3026d ago

I'm glad the rating system blocks people from rating unpurchased game. It avoids people from rating things blindly without trying it. It's not perfect but it's nice none the less

Carl14123026d ago

Only problem is everything is rated so highly.

3026d ago
klado3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

High rating is not a problem, these thousand of people rating it that high are of the problem, and sure with the thousand of fan out there, how can't it not be?

Great implementation for sure.

coolasj3026d ago

Manipulate a rating? Say I can bring a games rating down to 4 or up to 4.5.
Would giving it a 1* to bring it down to 4* be wrong? Even though I feel the game is a 5 imo ?

majiesto3026d ago

Glad to see Shatter up on the list. Fantastic game!

Echo3073026d ago

Absolutely! Maybe my favorite PSN title of all time... so far.

ForNgoods3026d ago

that 7 of the top 10 were ps1 classics?? I'm surprised that wipeoutHD wasnt on the list but then again it's somehow missing off psn. Seriously i wanted to rate it but it's no where to be found on PSN atm.

Delriach3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Yeah. Sony is aware of the issue too. Not sure why it hasn't appear yet. I checked on another account and I see that it's listed as long as you didn't buy the game. It has the PSN+ icon on it.

emazzuca3026d ago

If you guys are looking for a great game!, a worth while demo as well!

4 player co-op (same screen) online and offline,

check out Fat Princess!

Keep on Gaming!

Mr Logic3026d ago

Agree the Co-op they added makes the game so much better.

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