Analysis: 'Dramatic' Wii Software Decline Dragged May Sales

Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews' look at May's NPD results examines platform-specific software sales -- with exclusive new tie-ratio data -- finding a "dramatic" slowdown in the Wii software market, growing PS3 marketshare and more.

Were it not for the decline in hardware revenues, the perception that the industry is struggling might not be so intense. After all, software revenue grew year-over-year in May 2010 and is down year-to-date by only 6.7%.

However, there is still a lot of movement under the surface, and it is worth breaking the figures out in a bit more detail.

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himdeel3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

...but I wonder if peoples perception of the usual selection of Wii titles, "Is more of the same." Or perhaps times are just getting tougher economically and no job equates to no purchased games. Even myself and folks I know that are working are scaling back on everything. I just couldn't imagine not working right now :( I've just had to suck it up and really have learned to plan out my game purchases months in advance every since late early 2007.