ZTGD: Crackdown 2 Review

ZeroTolerance Writes: The original Crackdown had the distinct advantage of being attached to the most popular beta in history: Halo 3. That meant that eventually just about everyone who owned an Xbox 360 would eventually toss it in to see how it was. Amazingly the game could have easily stood on its own two legs had the marketing been there. Now three years later and a brand new developer and we finally get a sequel to my 2007 game of the year. Crackdown 2 doesn't stray too far from the formula that made the original such a success, but that is also part of its downfall when you break it down.

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Count3957d ago

Seems that 7-8 is the general consensus.

NecrumSlavery3957d ago

still having fun with what is more of an explansion to the original.

ChronoJoe3957d ago

To be fair, from what I've heard from people with the game, they weren't very impressed.

Metascore is on 7.2 at the moment, will probably drop down to the 6s...

edhe3957d ago

Nah it'll go up - with edge's weighting etc.

ChronoJoe3957d ago

Nah I mean in general. Not from this individual review.

The highest scores are always come in at the start, then then unbiased, fairer (and generally lower) come in sporadically during the week of release.

Edge isn't weighted too high on metacritic either, since it's only an 8.0 it'll only move by .1, or nothing.

BeaArthur3957d ago

I found the demo to be enjoyable but not a day 1 for me. I'll pick it up when the price drops, especially considering that the MP seems to be pretty lackluster.

vhero3957d ago

Shouldn't have removed top devs like RTW from the title but proof yet again MS have NO idea what they are doing when it comes to games. There decision to fire RTW and hire a relevantly new company to make one of there best upcoming franchises has completely backfired.

Elven63957d ago

Most of the Ruffian Team is actually from Real Time Worlds, Microsoft approached RTW for Crackdown 2 but they declined in favor of APB, the Crackdown dev team at Real Time left the studio and formed Ruffian Games.

vhero3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Actually there was an article on here that RTW were shocked MS didn't hire them to make the sequel. They didn't decline at all MS went behind there backs and hired a different team to do the game and in doing so ruined what could have been a great sequel.

secksi-killer3957d ago

please, you're nothing but an ultra idiotic sony fanboy! go away. people that only have a 360 or people that own both consoles and intend buying this after the great demo, have no interest in your know-nothingness.

it's obvious you know not what you are talking about, but just want to write your normal fanboy tirades.

rtw were busy with APB, so some of their original staff set-up a new studio and made the game. just go away please

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ReBurn3957d ago

The review scores are all over the place with this game.

bomboclaat_gamer3957d ago

i guess its one of those games
either u get it...or u dont

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