Games for Windows takes pop at Activision

Microsoft has responded to comments made by Activision CEO, Bobby Kotick - and it's been a bit more frank than usual.

Yesterday the Activsion boss came out in favour of 'open platforms' and 'gamer friendly PCs'. Now, the Games for Windows Twitter is taking a shot at him

The official Games for Windows account Tweeted:

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ActionBastard3120d ago

Bubbles. That's all that needed to be said.

Commander_TK3120d ago

Steam. That´s all that needs to be said.

ActionBastard3120d ago

That too Commander, that too.

jjohan353120d ago

For all of these reasons, I am grossly disappointed that Bungie signed a 10 year deal with Activision. Their next franchise will probably be subscription based if Kotick is still CEO.

Trunkz Jr3120d ago

Not sure, pretty much the same just changed a little -_-

dragonelite3120d ago

Uuh microsoft shapes pc gaming with their tools and directX developments..
just saying. Funny shit how microsoft can direct gpu hardware with directX iterations on pc you get hardware made for software and on consoles you get software made for hardware. inbe4 massive amount of disagree microsoft as a whole =/= xbox.

Charmers3120d ago

Erm no the Directx basically locked all developers into windows. Before Directx there was OpenGL which most PC developers used. It was also true that OpenGL was available on other platforms too such as Linux and Mac. All Directx did was LOCK developers into using MS's operating system.

Now that MS has pretty much killed OpenGL on the PC and locked game developers to Directx we can see they don't mind neglecting and abusing the platform to try and give their console a leg up. Microsoft has never done anything good for PC gaming and I can't believe there are still some people on this board that would argue against that.

dragonelite3119d ago

Yet no one else does what microsoft does for pc gaming.
Ooh and come on abusing directX for there consoles is just a weak excuse that retail pc gaming is dieing its because of the pirates. If there is one to blame its the publishers Ea,activision and ubisoft are the blame they dont want to fund project for pc gaming only because of pirating.
Windows is a pretty open platform OpenGL died because they were too slow to adapt they killed themselves its the same with other internet browsers Firefox and chrome are used because mozilla and google run add campaigns not like some other browsers maker claiming they fail because internet explorer comes with windows.

If anything without internet explorer we would still have to buy our browsers for $50 atleast in the olden days it was with netscape i believe.

Charmers3119d ago

How about you EXPLAIN just what it is you think Microsoft does for PC gaming then ? Because you are most definitely in a minority here thinking Microsoft does anything for PC gaming.

Oh and where did you hear OpenGL was dead ? Last time I checked it was being used on Linux, Mac, PS3, and the Wii whereas Dx is being used on the PC, 360 and ........ oh yeah that is it. Directx was one of the WORST things to ever happen to the PC. You might want to educate yourself by reading this :-

I did not say they abused Dx on the consoles I said they can neglect the PC gaming wise because they have a monopoly on the PC now with Dx. As for retail dying from piracy ??? erm you really are misinformed aren't you. The reason retail is dying is because the majority of PC gamers buy their games from steam or other DD services.

You then complain that Ubisoft, Activision and EA won't fund projects on the PC because of pirating. Please give me a recent example of Microsoft funding a PC game ? In fact we can clearly see that Microsoft actually goes out of it's way to CLOSE perfectly successful PC studios. A good example is of course Ensemble the creator of Age of Empires. Yep MS supports PC gaming that much they kill off one of the premier PC gaming developers so they can give the xbox 360 a 50 buck price cut.

Microsoft has done jack shit for PC gaming they are even on record as saying they will keep games off the PC to boost sales of the xbox 360. I won't even bother responding to your browser rant.

Revvin3120d ago

Never mind other companies supporting it, its about time Microsoft really got behind Games For Windows Live instead of watching Valve lead the way with Steam. I have no problem with Steam, I'm a happy user of the service but competition is good for pushing innovation.

tommyth3cat3120d ago

They are really wasting a great idea by not supporting it. Having achievements unlocked via PC or 360 is great you have 2 options when it comes to getting a game.

They just need to throw some money at developers and have them include that functionality if it's going to be PC/360 or a multiplatform release. Although the purchasing of games through GFWL will always be hindered by Steam unless they can keep the prices down.

dragonelite3119d ago

They could better fuse GFW with steam.
Steam is marketleader in digital distribution i believe.
Just find a way to connect your live account with your steam account.

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