SEGA: No Alpha Protocol 2

Sega West president Mike Hayes has confirmed that there won't be a sequel to modern-day spy RPG Alpha Protocol.

"Let's speak very commercially; the game hasn't sold what we've expected, therefore we won't be doing a sequel," he said.

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Quagmire3956d ago

Too bad, sounded like a promising title, will still pick it up in the near future, once the patch is released.

BeaArthur3956d ago

From what I have seen maybe there shouldn't have been an Alpha Protocol 1.

kaze1o13956d ago

I found it to be an enjoyable game. I will admit that it could have used a bit more polish, but all around a fun game.

El_Colombiano3956d ago

That sounds like Obsidian alright.

BeaArthur3956d ago

I mean if you like it I'm not going to argue with you but sales tell the tale.

MysticStrummer3956d ago

Sales most definitely do not tell the tale, but generally mediocre-at-best reviews do.

NYC_Gamer3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

sega needs to realise alot of fans want shenmue 3

Corrwin3956d ago

But that's what Yakuza is!

If you haven't played a Yakuza game I'd highly recommend it if you liked Shenmue.

Since SEGA are quite happy to churn out Yakuza game after Yakuza game every year or so, it might be your only chance for a contemporary Japanese game.

izuna3956d ago

Yakuza, and Shenmue are very different.
Just for reference, I'm not interested in playing Yakuza past the first twenty minutes, but I loved Shenmue as one as my favourite games.

BYE3956d ago

Shenmue 3 would be too expensive to make though, Sega can't afford taking huge risks anymore.

jetlian3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

like yakuza but its nowhere near shenmue!!! shenmue has way more polish. even by todays standards shenmue is better at its fighting engine

edit: who disagreed with me? say why next time. shenmue is more fluid than yakuza on fighting. Yakuza has a more violent finishers but thats about it

Baka-akaB3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

Their bad handling of old franchise is another issue .
The problem at hand is how their western ventures were for the most part (with two exceptions like the total war series , and maybe , maybe Aliens vs Predator) full of garbage and mediocrity ...

Just look at the list , a huge part of their 2008 2009 and 2010 efforts :

-the club
-the conduit
-Viking: Battle for Asgard
-alpha protocol
-condemned 2
-golden axe best rider
-full auto
-beijing 2008
-vancouver 2010
-iron man 1
-iron man 2
-Incredible Hulk
-the golden compass
-Planet 51
-Universe at War: Earth Assault
-Happy Tree Friends False Alarm

and the most likely to be crap movie tie in Thor and Captain America ... and Tournament of legends on Wii

Here we go roughly 60 to 70 % of why Sega has been so abysmal during the ps3/360/wii era , aka " next gen " . The rest being abuse and bad treatments of old japanese franchises .. and at least good new ips on the brighside

izuna3956d ago

Hold it! You're saying Condemned was a mediocre game?!

Letros3956d ago

Total Wars are probably their best selling games, Shogun 2 looks pretty amazing, SEGA needs to land more developers who actually take pride in their work.

xbox360achievements3956d ago

Condemned was far from being classed as garbage and mediocre. It was one of the best launch titles.

Baka-akaB3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

do not know if it would make a difference to you guys , but i was talking about condemned 2 (my bad) , wich i and quite many others found not nearly as good as the first game . Beside keywords were "for the most part" .. the rest being a list of title from crap to meh ok (imo) .

Ares84PS33956d ago

...SEGA whant's to come back to the console market. They will support their console with titles like this??? :D Won't be a long lived console either.

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izuna3956d ago

Thank gosh there's no sequel. What a buggy game.

Corrwin3956d ago

So we're just making Sonic games now,


SEGA Fuck You Dept.

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