Sony Will Consider New SKUs

Sony has told IncGamers it "will consider every possibility" of bringing the upcoming Japanese White PS3 Slim to the UK.

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Maticus3960d ago

I prefer the black ones anyway >_>

Cloudberry3960d ago


The white slim is also sexy. ; P

Jamaicangmr3960d ago

Thats why it appeals to you so much. If the white was the offical then u saw that black you'd feel the same way.

Brewski0073960d ago

True. White is the official wii color and now they bring out a black one. White is the official 360 color and now they bring out a black slim.
And now the circle is complete with black being the ps3's color and now the inevitable launch of a white one worldwide.

randomwiz3959d ago

so 360 goes glossy black and Sony releases a matte white...

r1sh123960d ago

the white looks exotic..
I think it looks better.
THe only problem is this article is from incgamers and they always get stuff wrong.
Also sony would keep this sort of SKU in the japanese (home) market.
Makes more sense, the rest of the world didnt get the fat ps3 white.
Only japan did.
THeres a few on ebay though

Djorgo3960d ago

That would be cool. I really like that version. Could almost consider buying a second one and give the black one to my lil bro...

Dorjan3960d ago

The white one does look nice! Although isn't the 360 switching from White to black now?


Elly3960d ago

Yeah, black is nicer. Slicker looking.

Merivigian3960d ago

One stop closer to the Wii. Jk, but I wouldn't mind if they went retro with it and went back to the PS1 color. Buuut, that was like a grey.

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The story is too old to be commented.