Sony: Devs will help build the next PlayStation

One of the highest-ranking executives at Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed the company is hard at work on future platform developments.

But with former SCE president Ken Kutaragi now out of the picture, Sony is keen to turn to its first-party studios to help make future PlayStation consoles highly accessible for tomorrow’s game creators.

In an exclusive interview with Develop magazine, Sony Worldwide Studios (WWS) boss Shuhei Yoshida candidly explained how Sony has learnt from past mistakes and is now building tech that developers can get the most out of.

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Cloudberry3963d ago

But with former SCE president Ken Kutaragi now out of the picture, Sony is keen to turn to its first-party studios to help make future PlayStation consoles highly accessible for tomorrow’s game creators.

“When Ken Kutaragi moved on and Kaz Harai became the president of SCE, the first thing Kaz said was, ‘get World Wide Studios in on hardware development’,” Yoshida said.

“So he wanted developers in meetings at the very beginning of concepting new hardware, and he demanded SCE people talk to us [developers].”




Naughty Dog + Sony Santa Monica + Guerilla Games + Media Molecule + Zipper Interactive + Sony San Diego + other first party studios = PLAYSTATION 4?????????


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Rainstorm813963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

La Chance, maybe you are the one that needs to "let it go"

Just saying, the only FAIL i see is your comment.

ON topic:

This maybe one of the smartest things sony has done recently, they are known for making consoles that arent really developer friendly, You get some of the best devs in the business with Sony's first party devs........PS4 may equal the gaming juggernaut..

sikbeta3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

@La Chance

What? Are You refering to Kin or Kinect? lol

The way you hate almost amaze me, but dude, you can do nothing, you need to deal with this, just let it go... let it go....


First Party Devs help Build the Next PlayStation = CELL2

nveenio3963d ago

Honesly, I hope they just put in a more powerful CELL and GPU. When it comes to the devs, they should just help make the dev kit easier to use. And honestly, I think the devs that have really been trying to use the CELL are impressed enough by it that they aren't interested in going back to standard architecture. And the bottom line is this: Easy tools make easy development. Take iPhone for example. Its architecture is not like Windows, but its dev kit is AMAZINGLY simple.


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raztad3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )


I doubt it.

Every component in the next PS will be a lot cheaper to make. From BD to Cell 2 (or any variant of it). Still with titles like GT5, KZ3 and inFAMOUS 2 + BD + 3D I dont think we will be seeing any PS4 within the next 2-3 years.

IdleLeeSiuLung3963d ago

With inflation (which I'm sure will hit soon after recession recovers) it seems to be within reason to charge $600 for the next generation of consoles. Expect a $600 price tag on the high end units!

Unfortunately, consoles have almost always had high tech electronics to outlast the cycle. The current components are cheaper, but new technology isn't. Console manufacturers will have the same issue, but they are likely to choose lower end components next time around as Sony has showed that high tech component at an exorbitant price can kill your sales pretty quick no matter where you were last generation!

DarkSpawnClone3962d ago

PS4 Best console ever ? ..Confirm or deny
Wow,thats amazing*gamergasums*

Legosz3962d ago

Now sony won't fuck it up like last time Dev's had no fucking clue how to make games for the PS3.

JoySticksFTW3962d ago

Hopefully, Sony listens to the devs

But truthfully, Krazy Ken did an amazing job. He got a bad rap. Because of him, we keep getting amazing exclusives that continue to improve year after year

zeeshan3962d ago

I hope it doesn't cost $600 cuz that is a lot of money though to be honest, even if it costs that much, I'd probably have it pre-ordered so I could get it day one.

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Perjoss3963d ago

this is a nice move, the games devs are really what makes the console what it is, after all a super console from the future is nothing really if people dont make great games for it.

Vicodin3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Oh god. What a bunch of fanboy drivel from the clown who wrote that garbage article.

The PS3 is an almost exact replica of the most successful console in history, the PS2. It is exactly what every console developer dreamed of back in the early PS2 days.

The PS3 is in essence the exact same hardware design as the 140 million selling PS2. In other words, the console hardware that console developers have the most experience with and have spent the last decade working with.

A PS2 engine and PS3 engine are written in almost identical ways:

On the PS2 execution starts up on the EE.
On the PS3 execution starts up on the PPU.

Tasks are spawned off to the VUs on the PS2 - lighting, vertex transforms, animation, etc.

On the PS3 those tasks are spawned off to the SPUs.

Main game code runs on the EE on the PS2 while the VUs work in parallel.

On the PS3 it is the PPU and SPUs that are running parallel.

When the VUs have computed enough data to render, that data is fired off to the GS.

The same goes for the PS3, but from the SPUs to the RSX.

The split memory architecture makes it so the EE half of the PS2 can work full speed while the GS works on its own data.

The same goes for the PS3, the Cell side can work full speed on its data while the RSX is firing away without having to fight over the same memory/bus

In a good PS2 engine the EE, VUs, and GS are all cranking away in parallel.

In a good PS3 engine the PPU, SPUs, and RSX are all cranking away in parallel.

There isn't a single console developer who sat around wondering how to write a PS3 graphics engine. They were writing PS3 graphics engines in their minds all the way back in the PS2 days when we would imagine what a next gen PS2 would look like.

You would think the fanboys like the idiot who wrote this silly article would give their little fanboy meme a rest. They've been trying to spread it since the Dreamcast days.

Time for them to find some new material.

Shaman3963d ago

Exactly.Sony always had special cpus and gpus that are more like rasterizers than full capable gpus.While on contrary MS always had fully capable gpus with cpus that serve purpose of only general code.

Hotel_Moscow3963d ago

thats weird because if its exactly the same then why did developers not like developing for ps3 if its exactly the same

like they should of been used to it right

TheBand1t3963d ago

Yea, and there were similar complaints at the start of the PS2's hardware life about what a pain in the ass it was to develop for.

coldfoot3963d ago

The PS2 had EDRAM to help with transparencies and alleviate the bandwidth issue. Where's the EDRAM in PS3?

PopEmUp3962d ago

I just witness a nerd :P

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raztad3963d ago

It's good to see devels putting some feedback in the next PS console but I totally would prefer to have Ken Kutaragi leading the way. Man is genius and made PS what is now.

lightningsax3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

In a way, I totally agree. He was great at what he did. However, the gaming market sure has grown since then, and organizations have flattened out and networked themselves more.

The more connected a company is to their many divisions and strategic partners these days, the better. The more Sony's hardware division is connected to their primary software creators, the better off they will be.

Sure, genius is still needed to create a great thing, but it may be more of a collaborative genius instead of just a Kutaragi-esque leader the next time around.

I'm sick of the top-down attitude that big companies had taken in the past- "We're making this, and if you want to make games for it, figure it out" doesn't work anymore. Games publishers want some say in how to do things hardware-wise, so they can create great products out of the gate instead of weak proto-games for the first year. PS2 became a console with a giant library, but remember the launch? Yeah. Let's just bust on out of the gate with some interesting stuff.

I'm psyched about the comments. It's a good sign that once-siloed Sony is opening up and becoming deeply networked. By the way, that's Kaz Hirai's job. He's in charge of networking all this stuff. So you could say he's behind it.

raztad3962d ago

Yet the next PS is a Sony product not some sort of collaborative and commonly owned console. If it fails will be Sony being fuked up. I do agree good feedback/ideas is always a good thing, but Sony will ultimately design the PS4 depending on which their long term plans are.

Raw power probably wont be a priority. The PS3 is a fairly powerful machine, that within limits provides a satisfying HD/3D experience. Even if PCs are way ahead in terms of higher fidelity and resolution. PS3 does a pretty good job on my 1080p TV. I guess the new PS4 will be about pushing something more than just better visuals.

Vicodin3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

"thats weird because if its exactly the same then why did developers not like developing for ps3 if its exactly the same "


My god! It is 2010 and people are still trying to spew that garbage?

Awww, the poor liddle PC developers like John Carmack at Id, Valve, and all the other PC game developers no one gives a damn about didn't wanna port their crappy little directx x86 based engines to the PS3.


No wonder console developers despise Microsoft and the Xbox. Microsoft dumps a bunch of x86 parts in plastic box and tries to pass it off as a console and all of sudden every crappy Windows game developers thinks they are entitled to run their mouths off about console engine development.

"Yea, and there were similar complaints at the start of the PS2's hardware life about what a pain in the ass it was to develop for."

Shocking! You mean the same crappy x86/directx devs who are too stupid to handle anything other than desktop PC hardware cried about the PS2???

spandexxking3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

taking a crack at carmack is not cool man.
as well as id he started up his own aerospace company, the mans a fucking genius!

Dude4203963d ago

My god, why all the disagrees on spandex? Vicodin insults a great PC developer who tries to learn how to work on the PS3 like the first party devs, but gets all the agrees. I smell Rage hatin' fanboys here.

DeathMetal3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Ps3 cell is not even made anymore discontinued by IBM LOL Sorry but crappy Pc tech spanks what's in your PS3 That's why Pc's play in Hd and you don't

Panthers3963d ago

PS4 = Already amazing. I cant freakin wait, but at the same time I know the PS3 has a lot of life left and I want it to shine some more before passing the torch.

Spenok3962d ago

Im sure the PS3 will be around for plenty of time to come.

vhero3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Through the entire article they talk about devs helping with hardware not specifically a new console this means they had a lot to do with MOVE most likely too. So support is gonna be great for MOVE. It also means if the invite 3rd partys in on this that's a LOT of support right from day 1.
EDIT in fact they did get them in on MOVE

"This studio-collaborative philosophy at Sony has remained in place ever since, and was a core pillar of the design ideology for Sony’s new motion controller, PlayStation Move."

Raoh3963d ago

i wouldnt write off insomniac either just cause they went multiplatform not only do they still have a relationship with insomniac, insomniac is partly if not mainly responsible for most of the midware tools for the ps3 for third party developers.

FFXI1013962d ago

all the studios you mention help out developing the next Playstation system and have their own designed skin. God of War, SOCOM, LBP, KZ, UC, MLB The Show or even the new IPs.

cliffbo3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

using devs to help with developing a new console is nothing new at sony.

they did it with the ps2 when they purchased "psygnosis" who they consulted on cpu,gpu,middlewate etc..

whatever they do with ps4 it will push the envelope technically and and will have the tools required to get the most out of it.

Heisenberg3962d ago

This does, in theory, sound like a pretty smart move. My only real concern would be that instead of designing hardware that pushes developers to move forward and learn new ways to develop for the latest tech, they design something that's comfortable and convenient for the developers and sacrifice innovation to please them.

Not that that's what I think will happen, I realize these are top quality developers, but for instance with the PS3: it wasn't necessarily a popular choice to develop for at first because it was deemed difficult to develop for, but in reality, it just required developers to learn new techniques and get comfortable with the new hardware, and now developers are making some of the most amazing games for the PS3 because they were maybe pushed out of there comfort zone.

So while the developers feedback should most certainly be considered when building the PS4, I hope they still push the limits with the technology. Having the developers involved from the beginning could also mean they have a chance to learn about the tech and the best way to utilize it long before any games are announced, meaning we could have much higher quality launch games.

dabri53962d ago

Awesome. Hopefully that means easier to program for. Good relationships with the devs is only good.

morkendo3962d ago

under 399 sony have a winner!!

sid4gamerfreak3962d ago

hopefully the devs can make the ps4 run ALL of its game in full hd natively

JayD-1K3962d ago

that was supposed to be an agree but, i think if Sony gives them a good set of dev tools to begin with, it could really help. especially the 3rd party devs.

hakis863962d ago

Actually I would want fullHD, 60FPS and 3D without any problems :P

hakis863962d ago

This is simply just a very good idea, and all I can say its that I'm looking forward to the PS4! :D

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Brewski0073963d ago

Good plan, its first party studios are already getting the best out of the ps3, so it makes perfect sense to get them to help design the architecture they're most comfortable with, allowing us to get the best games possible.

jneul3963d ago

if it's left up to sony dev's no doubt after seeing how much of a beast the cell architecture is, they will bring back a newer more kick arse version of the cell lol xD??

xYLeinen3963d ago

This is fucking genius.

I hope tho that a new cell processor will be in the PS4 seeing that the market now has matured using it.

cjflora3962d ago

From what I've read they plan to use a variation of the current cell processor architecture. On a side note, the PSP2 is rumored to be using a 4-core version of the cell processor. Hells yea...

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Count3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

You're not a ''real gamer''.

lightningsax3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

We care because it's thoughts from a top exec in the gaming business talking about a networked vision for future hardware development. It's a step in the direction of creating the PS4.

We like to read news. For gamers. You know, like the title of this site. If you don't like what you see here, in the words of Extreme, get the funk out.