Microsoft Thinks Activision Doesn't Support PC Gaming

Kotick went on record recently, talking about Activision being platform agnostic, and friendly to all forms of gaming, including, yes, PC gaming. Apprently, he's rubbed Microsoft off the wrong way.

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Quagmire3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Oh the irony that is Alan Wake.

Microsoft completely shafted PC Gamers out of Alan Wake, and now they are pointing their grubby little finger towards another no-good rotten company.

So I'm sorry, but who doesnt support PC gaming, again? /

animboo3079d ago

Microsoft hasn't released a game for a while now..

captain-obvious3079d ago

the irony in the title is just way too much

Cold 20003079d ago

Isnt Fable 3 coming to PC too ?

pramath16053079d ago

Yes, Alan Wake is a prime example of how Microsoft shafts PC Gamers. Although Fable III seems to be their effort to make ammends.

120FPS3079d ago

So when Heavy rain was pulled from the PC list, what is the terminology for that? I bet you dont use the word shafted??!!

pramath16053079d ago

Did Sony ever profess to supporting PC gaming in the first place? Have they ever had any pretensions about that?

120FPS3079d ago

So if Sony has never professed to support PC gaming then to me that sounds like they are "shafting" PC gamers even more by offering little to no support at all

Optical_Matrix3079d ago

Since when was Sony ever a PC Software company? Please explain lol Microsofts supposed involvement with PC software is obvious like the grass is green. Them not supporting PC gaming is completely different to Sony not supporting it.

raztad3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Wow. 120FP is expecting Sony ports their exclusives to the PC. LOL. BTw, why not to include Nintendo in the mix?

In a more serious note: Sony Online Entertainment does more for the PC than Microsoft.

Cueil3079d ago

Seems like some people forget that Sony has strong ties on PC... SOE is 90 percent PC developer

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XactGamer3079d ago

That's true MS did shaft PC gamers with Alan Wake but on the flip side MS has done more for PC gaming than anyone else.

Charmers3079d ago

Erm they have ? like what ? and please don't even dare mention GFWL the service that both gamers and developers are avoiding like the plague. In fact it is fairer to say that Microsoft has done more to damage PC gaming than any other company in the gaming industry.

I would personally say Valve and Blizzard have done more for PC gaming than Microsoft ever have.

Cueil3079d ago

Microsoft finally cut the PC version because the 45 man team couldn't get things done working on two platforms... More then either of the other two platform owners Microsoft supports PC gaming... thus the phrase "I can get that on the PC why buy a 360" garbage you hear on here so much

mephixto3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Microsoft don't support PC gaming, their last exclusive game was Gears of War 1, the phrase "I can get that on the PC why buy a 360" is because of third party games like Mass Effect

KongRudi3079d ago

More then either of the other two platform owners Microsoft supports PC gaming...

That's not correct at all, why give credit to someone who don't deserve credit?
There are _no_ PC game-studios amongst the MS-studios, and they don't publish many third-party games either..

Since 2007 there has been no PC-release at all from Microsoft of any retail-title..

The only upcoming titles wich they have announced to be published on PC, is Fable 3, Train Simulator 2, and Marvel Universe Online (no releasedates, and the two last games I think is or will be cancelled)..

Sony on the other hand has a big PC studio, since 2007 the following retail-titles have been published.
New IP's like Pirates of the Burning Sea, Free Realms.
Old IP's like Everquest also had two expansions since 2008 - Seeds of Destruction, and Underfoot.
Everquest 2, also had 2 expensions, The Shadow Odyssey, and Sentinel's Fate.
They've bought publishing rights too a few older titles aswell, wich is available on station-exchange.

Upcoming Sony titles for the PC include; Star Wars: Clone Wars adventures, The Agency, and DC Universe. John Smedley also spoke something about that we would see Planetside 2 beeing announced this year.

So Sony makes much more PC-games than MS.
That's a fact. And they don't make the PC-gamers wait 6 months+ either, like were the case with MS last releases, like Gears and Viva Pinata, Halo 2.

As for MS complaints of Activision, that's just insane. Activision is probably the PC-publisher with most releases the last years.

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Pennywise3079d ago

Funny considering Activision is paired with the biggest PC dev in the industry. Blizzard says hi.

mobijoker3079d ago

There was a time when Microsoft loved pc.But like all love stories,tragedy is the ultimate destination of all romances.So,then enters a certain 'X'thing which was skinny and not so attractive.But she was clever and did a 360 turnaround by surgeries here and there.Our hero like many others got turned on by this unearthly silicon beauty and forgot his love.As a result,pc got lonely but she knows natural thing wins the war and she will get her love back one day.....


Microsoft Supports the gaming community! Quagmire, you are an idiot.

We wouldn't be playing PC games if they didn't create the Windows Operating System, and about Alan Wake, Microsoft didn't cancel it, Remedy did, cause they have a very small team so they needed to focus on one platform, not two. If it was Microsoft who canceled it, it was because of the above.

Quagmire3079d ago

"Some games are more suited for the intimacy of the PC, and others are best played from the couch in front of a larger TV screen"

MS reasoning for cancellation was because a couch was was better.

hassi943078d ago

They may have given a reason of a couch being better but no company would ever do it just because of that, there are actual reasons...

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ConanOBrien3079d ago

PC Gaming = Microsoft

/s /m /e

Letros3079d ago

Coming from the company that shut down Ensemble Studios...

HolyOrangeCows3079d ago

The persons responsible for assigning them to a console RTS and the persons responsible for their closure, should be burned at the stake.

pramath16053079d ago

This is so ironic... seriously, I mean, I hated Microsoft and PC gaming the day they killed off Ensemble.

lzim3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Digital Anvil, Aces, FASA, etc etc

and all the little studios that made games for both Xbox consoles that didn't get enough money back to stay in business, or never even got their games published.

edit: for some reason I can't help but get the mental picture of someone telling Microsoft that 'the balls go in the mouth' Microsoft teabagging Activision, they'll just teabag back. Since Activision makes the games that don't need Live, it is profoundly silly for MS to not capitulate. Just accept the teabagging like Sony and work with Activision AND Valve.

Cueil3079d ago

Microsoft's console is probably around a third of their game sales... they can say whatever they want because they wont leave their cash cow

kevnb3079d ago

75% of their income comes from pc.

BYE3079d ago

Why the bad relationship all of the sudden?


And now this...

TotalPS3Fanboy3079d ago

Just like EA?

I guess we'll never know... until a few months later.

outrageous3079d ago

What you see here is a good old fashion shakedown by Activision of M$. M$ is big, big enough to swallow Activision whole if they really wanted to.

Activision want to go on XBL and charge people a monthly fee to play's not gonna happen. M$ OWNS XBL and nobody is gonna run any monthly fees but M$. Kotick has taken his beef to the masses which, I'm guessing has made Ballmer rather upset. This is a dangerous game Kotick is playing right now. A very greasy, low ball approach to negotiations, worthy of a Soprano episode. They just signed a 3 year exclusive DLC content deal with Activision. There will be repercussions for this. It might be behind the scene's or out in plain view as we are witnessing now.

TotalPS3Fanboy3079d ago

Looks like Activision is testing to see how far they can push Microsoft for money.

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