B4HD: Late to the Party: Chrono Trigger

B4HD's James Batchelor writes: I’ve pretty much raised myself on Western RPGs. In an age where there are so many games coming out and so little time to actually play them, this vein of role-playing game has always seemed so much more accessible and immediate than its lengthy Japanese counterpart.

Oh sure, I’ve dabbled in the XP-centric delights of the East. Pokémon remains a fond favourite of mine and I truly enjoyed Tales of Symphonia, but every time I’ve tried to immerse myself in a Final Fantasy or something similar, I’ve found myself put off by one thing or another.

Chrono Trigger is to be congratulated then for holding my attention longer than any other JPRG that didn’t star Pikachu. While I’ve walked away from other such games without remorse, for some reason I feel compelled to finish Chrono Trigger.

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