2010 Half Year in Review, A Look at Q2 Shipments and Beyond

PS3 and Wii are the only consoles to see increases in 2010 vs 2009 - 3% for Wii and nearly 40% for PS3

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StillGray3026d ago

PS3's making huge strides this year.

Anon19743026d ago

But what's with VGchartz numbers? Last time I checked, the official number for the PS3 by Sony was 35.9 million at the end of March. Vgchartz has them at 35.7 million right now. Are we expected to believe that somehow the PS3 has lost 200,000 consoles over the past 3 months?

There's no excuse for not keeping these numbers up to date when the actual figures are available to anyone with an internet connection from Sony's Investor Relations site. I know you have to wait till the end of the quarter for these figures to be updated, but the least VGChartz could do is make an adjustment when these figures are available. It's kinda hard to take their figures seriously when they can't even do that.

J-Smith3026d ago

don't the xbox360 exist anymore? LoL

bmw693026d ago

It has just had a new model and is now selling much faster than PS3 actually ;-)

3026d ago
madmonkey03026d ago

first time since ps3 launch if true.

naznatips3026d ago

Hopefully sales are up in general this year, with all the huge games.

Kantor3026d ago

Which means that the fifth year of the generation is significantly higher than the fifth year of the previous generation. So please, Mr. Pachter, enough of this doomsday "Gaming is dying!" rubbish.

You can't expect sales to keep climbing forever. Sales peak in the middle of a generation.

madmonkey03026d ago

more made up vgchartz numbers.

they are still 200k short of sonys reall numbers from march, did they somehow get -200k sales in the last 3 months?