‘Enhanced Grip and Precision’ Courtesy of PSM3

Ever wished your DualShock analog stick had more grip and control? Did you ever get annoyed with the slippery DualShock caps? Well look no further as the latest issue of PSM3 will include one set of free pad grips.

The tiny rubber caps easily pop onto your analogue sticks to provide “superior grip and precision” claims PSM3.

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TOO PAWNED3967d ago

the only thing i dont like about DS3 are bottom triggers. L2 and R2, those are actually better on DS2, everything else is perfect. BTW i hate when developers like rockstar put 360 controlls on PS3 controller in RDR. I mean having to pull gun on L2 and shoot on R2, thats for 360. We have it on L1 and R1, like for example Uncharted, etc, its more natural to us. And even worse i cant change that in options.
I can barelly play the game. Since i am playing Dead Space at the same time i am used on running when pressing L2 so in RDR i keep on pulling gun in city while civilians are around so they start screaming, it is so annoying. BTW even in DEad space controls are the way they should be L1 and R1 shooting.

iamnsuperman3967d ago

agree I found it really annoying especially in GTA 4 for driving R2 for accelerate is annoying and shooting it doesn't feel natural compared to using R1 to shoot

Galaxia3967d ago

The L2 and R2 buttons are way better with the DS3. I wish the DS2 was like that.

It feels way more natural when shooting or driving because it's like pulling a trigger or pushing on the pedal. I always change the shoot/aim/brake/drive buttons to L2 and R2 whenever I can now.

The Great Melon3967d ago

While I think R2 and L2 are better on the DS3 than the DS2, they should have been concave rather than convex. Even if they were in a different shape I much prefer shooting with R1.

BulletToothtony3967d ago

i just saw those snap-on triggers at walmart for $4.85 for those who are interested in getting them..

they do make a bit of difference when u pull them...

RyuCloudStrife3967d ago

they felt wierd at first but ui get used to it and it becomes natural

talltony3967d ago

then L2 and R2 will feel much more natural for rdr.

Redlogic3967d ago

and also the FPS freak extenders. They make the analogue sticks a bit longer so you have more range of motion. It makes a big difference (at least for me) and almost prefects the DS3.

OooSheeet3967d ago

I agree, it's ucomfortable & makes the game feel like a 360 port!

ChronoJoe3967d ago

Well it IS a bad 360 port. So that would make sense.

raztad3967d ago

R2 to shoot, as in Bioshock is a symptom of a poor port. If devels dont care about fixing the control scheme, I doubt they do any better engine - wise. It's incredibly annoying.

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DelbertGrady3967d ago

The problem with the analogue sticks on the DS3 is that they point outwards instead of inwards, like on the 360 controller. It doesn't provide the same stability for your thumb that way. Makes it slip easier. It's basic ergonomics.

Raf1k13967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Apparently Sony had those years ago with the early PS2 controllers but the American market wasn't keen on them and were changed. Well that's what my friend tells me.

edit: Anyway I don't really have an issue with them but would love to see some sort of modular controller where you can remove and change the parts to make the controller just the way you want it.

Lombax3967d ago

I actually prefer the DS3 analog design. I push the sticks in the directin I want. When using the 360 sticks it makes me pull them. That's just how it feels to me. It's all personal preference though.

The Great Melon3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Rather than pushing and pulling the convex shape of the analog allows rolling. It isn't as apparent for left and right movement, but moving the analog stick up and down at least for me is done partly by rolling the thumb across the stick.

xabmol3967d ago

It's hard to explain without using any pictures or my hands, but I'll try, lol.

The anolog stick pivots from the base in a spherical sort of way. Thinh of having you thumb on the top of a basketball. If you push on it to "steer" the ball your thumb will remain in contact, but if you pull you begin to lose contact when you move from the zenith (highest point).

I don't know if this helps explain it or if I'm just confusing people... =S

The Great Melon3967d ago


Yeah that makes sense. It is just one those things that makes the most sense if you just do it.

The DualShock's analogs use most of the thumb whereas the 360's analogs primarily use one part of the thumb. When you actually look at the DualShock the analogs are quite large.

wicko3967d ago

I find it the exact opposite, I find myself slipping more on the 360 analog sticks. The only thing I like about the 360 analog sticks is that they're more stiff so that helps me with my accuracy in shooters.

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Quagmire3967d ago

I could always use better grip and precision ;P


Elwenil3967d ago

Eh, I did better than this years ago while playing SOCOM 2. I took common drywall sanding screens and cut out two circles using a nickle as a pattern and super glued them to the top of my analog sticks. No more slipping and nothing but 100% grip. I've been debating on doing it to my DS3s.

The Meerkat3967d ago

I think I remember seeing a controller that had concave tops to the analogue sticks. It would be brilliant for precision in shooters.

branchedout3967d ago

I dunno. I prefer the outies on the DS3 compared to the 360. What's weird is, my fingers never slip on DS3, but the smooth surface of th3 360 always has me slipping and I always lose track of my thumb's position.

But that's probably 'cause I ain't played with a 360 controller much. Though I've been on the Dual-shock train since the PS1.... Many years ago. Hasn't it been about 15 or so years?

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