Capcom Teasing BIG Announcement

The European branch of Capcom started teasing a big announcement via their twitter account. Nothing is known at the moment about what could it be, but expect it to be revealed in 2 days

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Galaxia3966d ago

When has a proposed big announcement ever been big? It's obviously quite small so they want to drum up attention for it so it's not overlooked. Otherwise they'd just spit it out strait away.

Since this is from Capcom I'm not expecting much more than an Iphone port of one of their games.

Blacktric3966d ago

Oh God please let it be the new Devil May Cry please...

BldyShdw3966d ago

I agree 100%, its been too long.

Chris3993966d ago

It'll be an HD arcade redux for PSN/ Live or something equally as lame.

Snakefist303966d ago

Pleazz Devil May Cry.I Want To See Vergil And Dante On The Lead Role Specially VERGIL!!!

rezzah3966d ago

Yea thatd be really cool, i really hope they kill off Nero. ANyone who likes him must be new to the series.

thehitman3966d ago

And Im not new to the series I think he is way more fun to play with than Dante too and more badass with his fist. I thought DMC4 was just as good as DMC3 and cant wait for DMC5.

Katana Yamato3966d ago

@thehitman: So i guess you like playing with a character that cries in every cutscene about his stupid, generic love interest. And play with a character that has no weapon or style variety like Dante and uses basically a QTE gimmick on his arm. Yea...that's badass *rolls eyes*

I wish the announcement was for DMC 5. But i really doubt it though. I think if DMC 5 were to be shown or announced it would be in September around the Tokyo Game Show.

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Quagmire3966d ago

Monster Hunter PS3 or GTFO.

Pedantic913966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

But i doubt it's going to be anything big seeing this is coming from the European branch of Capcom. But if it was a new game of some sort my guess would either be a new Ninja theory game or a PSN/XBL game, probably Strider 3.

Also it's saying in 2 days ? could be announced on this weeks Famitsu.

Spenok3966d ago

A man can dream and hope and wish and beg and cry and whine and sob and flail until it finally happens. xD Man they really do need to make a MH on PS3. That would truely be epic. I will continue to do all the above acts until it happens lol

rezzah3966d ago

OMG so true, I forgot about that since I saw the dante pic, still all i want is DMC5 or MH for PS3 only. No 360 attachment.

Eiffel3966d ago

Akrid Hunter for Lost Planet 2? Seriously game is a damn bore without Akrid Hunter.

TrevorPhillips3966d ago

Please let it either be these following titles:

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Remake.

Dino Crisis


BldyShdw3966d ago

Nemesis remake would be cool, its actually the only one I have yet to play. Well I guess I havent played Code: Veronica yet either but still.

TrevorPhillips3966d ago

Nemesis was my favorite series out of all Resident Evil games.

Code Veronica is actually good aswell. :)

Galaxia3966d ago

RE3 Remake! YES PLEASE!! I would but it up in a snap! That game is a beast! I'd like a Dino Crisis 2 remake as well. Raccoon City, and the Jungle in DC2 were so beautiful. I'm playing Onimusha right now actually. Capcom were so awesome last gen, they suck this gen though.

Unfortunately this announcement will be nothing much probably. But hopefully it will be something good.

jay23966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Edit: Actually, it's got to be Yoshi Ono's new game surely.

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