Kinect Looks Like This In A Japanese Living Room

Kotaku writes: "There has been concern that the Microsoft's motion controller Kinect could require a significant amount of space — more space than the average Japanese living room has. Microsoft, however, has refuted these claims."

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TOO PAWNED3958d ago

Kotaku MS defense force! These guys are so pro 360 its not even funny anymore. I am not just saying because of this article(which is okey) but because of their overall coverage and excitment they have for MS product vs Sony product.
Cresente (arab guy) was the only person on this planet that found Sony press conference to be "least good" as he put it on GT bonus round. What a biased tool. And pre E3 he said that either MS or Nintendo are going to win E3, bet it hurted him going through that MS bizzaro skitles 1 hours long joke, but had to obey his orders and like true MS soldier act stupid and stick to his "expectation" and proclaime MS winner over Sony.

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TotalPS3Fanboy3958d ago

That's a spacious-ass house. Normal people's house aren't even that spacious. Usually, people have a table in the center, between the sofa and the tv, where those two peoples are standing.

darthv723958d ago

coffee tables are sooo 90's. I like the openness not having one creates. You get up from the sofa and not have to walk around a table in front of you. End tables are where its at my friend. Great for drinks, books and the tv remote.

HarryM3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

In no way am I a fanboy. I'm just starting to get extremely annoyed with every PS3 fanboy on this site posting hate comments on EVERY SINGLE article that has something to do with the Xbox 360 or Microsoft.

Briefcase Joe3958d ago

It's better if you put the link in the comment section and not to use the related video section. It's more work for lazy people, like myself, because they have to copy and paste the link.

Redlight3958d ago

Absolutely. Not just in 360 or MS articles either. Just about EVERY thread ends up with the same drooling morons talking the same mindless garbage.

The idea behind this site is rock solid. The users less so.

asyouburn3958d ago

that thinks kinect is shit is a ps3 fanboy. its ok to like 360 but think kinect is baby stuff (which it is), and that it has no games at the moment (because it doesn't), and that without user feedback or buttons, that it is a step backwards in control (which is a fact). none of these arguments have anything to do with hating microsoft, as a matter of fact it can be said that you can experience the best msoft has to offer without ever even looking at kinect.

Blacktric3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

You are a retard. That's what you are for plaguing this website and marking nonspam comments as spam. Because of you I couldn't add comments for two days. Just because some lame 12 year old pressed the spam button without knowing what that's for. At least you could've bubbled me down because of trolling or personal attacking but spam?

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dredgewalker3958d ago

This isn't Japan, where are the ninjas?

Briefcase Joe3958d ago

Here I am! *ninja vanish* I'm over here now! *ninja vanish again* OK now I'm sleepy. zzzzzzzzzzz

Barbapapa3958d ago

if you can't see them, then they did their job right.

TheBreezyBB3958d ago

Doesn't have 1.8 meter of free space for Kinect.

jneul3958d ago

so who is going to pay for a larger house anyone??

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