IncGamers: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Review

IncGamers' James Chalmers takes to the fairways in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, but does this title land on the green or get stuck in one of those disastrous bunkers?

From the review:

"Whether you want to play a casual round of 18 holes or try to win the Ryder Cup for Team Europe there is a game mode for everyone. Career mode returns in the form of the PGA Tour allowing you to enter your character in a variety of tournaments. You can choose how many rounds per an event you can play and while the opening tournaments aren’t that prestigious you soon find yourself participating in the likes of the US Open to compete for prize money and a chance to earn valuable XP to level up your character. While you can’t spend your well-earned prize money on anything the XP you gain is vital."

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Djorgo3958d ago

Gosh, never really thought about how to review a golf game, since I dislike them on principle, this must be teh first golf game review I read, and it makes sense :)

Dorjan3958d ago