5000 Medal of Honor beta keys up for grabs writes: "Want to see a good deal of multiplayer action? Then, just go in the multiplayer beta for Medal of Honor - PC Games makes it possible and awards 5000 beta keys."

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xjatsx3029d ago

i have got beta by regist im in uk and got it for PS3 as u get the redeem it at medal of honur/beta. for PS3

FrankDrebin3029d ago

Yeah I got mine from File Planet. The beta is ok. Very much like Battlefield 2 multiplayer. That makes sense since it is made by Dice as well!

Even the guns are the same which is a shame.

The Meerkat3029d ago

Why don't they just make it an open beta?

BeaArthur3029d ago

I was thinking the same thing. They are giving these codes out like they are going out of style so why not just make them available for everyone.

thorstein3029d ago

if you're "in the club." Then you can lord it over all others that you are part of the closed beta.... like I am!!! It is pretty rough right now, one map (Ruins of Kabul), three classes ("grunt," specialist, and sniper).

It is fun but there are issues with lag and dying. I get a couple freezes now and again.

TheLeprachaun3029d ago

Errr fileplanet have unlimited keys at the moment. It pretty much is an open beta.

zootang3029d ago

You have to be a subscriber

Baka-akaB3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

seriously , tell me it's my loss , but i'm not going to "fight" and register for any game's key .
Been there done that for mmos , it's enough .
If it's open , just dont use keys

xjatsx3029d ago

its similiar to bf bc2.disapointed as graphics need improving. to compete against COD

Baka-akaB3029d ago

uh ? It would make any sense if cod (and i only say cod when the 4 last ones including black ops looks the same) was nearly as good in the graphics dep .

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The story is too old to be commented.