The Pirate Bay's latest trick? Getting into Parliament...

It's the scourge of games publishers everywhere - and under a great deal of legal pressure - but The Pirate Bay refuses to go quietly.

In a brazen move, the world's most popular torrent site is plotting to have its representatives elected to the Swedish Parliament - which would give it immunity to Copyright law.

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The Meerkat3026d ago

Now that's thinking outside the box.

jjesso19933026d ago

torrents are dieing megaupload and rapidshare are faster safer and easyer to use

spandexxking3026d ago

rapidshare sucks, 120k/b a sec for non paying people pales insignificance to 600k/b that i can get on torrents.

jjesso19933026d ago

Yes thats why personally i dont like it but its massive on warez scene i prefer megaupload where i get max connection 950k/b. the problem is In the uk they can get your Ip adress send it you ISP and send letters and sue you now torrents are not safe.

nickjkl3026d ago

wait 600 kb what kind of internets do you have

spandexxking3026d ago

my ISP is Talk Talk.
they kinda suck but i do get higher speeds on torrents than i do with rapidsh*t

thewrathman3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

thats 100% true.

i was never a big fan of dl movie torrents or music.but i do have to have my tv shows.and those sites are perfect for it.streaming is the future.i enjoy going to the movies.and i love having the physical album.i still havent transitioned to using itunes etc.there is something semi-permanent about not have the physical copy.its like half owning the product.

movies do suck using streaming.if they could get MS silverlight HD instant streaming as a standard then id be happy.but the price of rental is a joke.

Awookie3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

*Warning* Worm/Malware

Awookie3026d ago

I guess people didn't get my joke :(

jaosobno3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )


In all honesty, if games and other content were more accessible in price, piracy wouldn't be so rampant.

Developers/publishers screwed themselves over with their price tags.

Calneon3026d ago

I'm sorry you're so poor.

jaosobno3026d ago

Poor? Actually, I'm quite pleased with my financial situation.

I guess that was your only argument... My condolences for this awful, awful fail that just happened to you.

kanetheking3026d ago

dev's movie company's put millions into there film/games.and all u do is speand 30 pound on a game.but we all should be like u not paying for noting then noting will get made.

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The story is too old to be commented.