PlayStation 3 Surround System Release Date Announced

Sony announced earlier at E3 a special surround sound system made specifically for the PlayStation 3. Now, a release date for it has just been announced.

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MightyMark4273969d ago

Since I don't have a surround system yet, I'm down for this

thewrathman3969d ago

i wonder if i could use this with the new xbox s? since it has a optical out.

blackbeld3969d ago

Product Outline

Surround Sound System for PlayStation®3
Product name
Surround Sound System
Product code
Release date
Fall 2010
Recommended retail price
19,800 yen (including tax), US$199, €199
Power Output and Total Harmonic Distortion:
(FTC) for the U.S. model
L + R: With 6 ohms loads, both channels driven, from 200-20000 Hz ; rated 5 watts per channel minimum RMS power, with no more than 1 % total harmonic distortion from 250 milliwatts to rated output.
Amplifier section
U.S. models:
Power Output (reference)
L / R: 10 W (per channel at 6 ohms, 1 kHz)
Subwoofer: 15 W + 15 W (at 8 ohms, 100 Hz)
Front speaker unit:
Speaker system: Full range, Bass reflex, Speaker units: 50 mm × 90 mm (2 in × 3 5/8 in), Rated impedance: 6 ohms
Subwoofer unit:
Speaker system: Subwoofer system, passive radiator type, Speaker units: 65 mm × 2 (subwoofer) 65 mm × 4 (passive radiator), Rated impedance: 8 ohms
Analog × 1
Digital (Optical) × 1
Supported formats
Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG-2 AAC, Linear PCM (2 ch)*
Sound fields
DYNAMIC: This mode provides a wide range of tones with low/high frequencies and dynamic sounds.
STEREO: This mode is suitable for any sound quality, optimized for video games implementing 2 ch stereo sound. (Multiple channels are down-mixed.)
VIVID: This mode provides a wide sound range and enhances the surround sound channels.
STD (standard): This mode reproduces the soundtrack with the kind of dynamic rangethat the recording engineer intended.
Other effects/functions
NIGHT MODE:This function allows you to enjoy sound effects and hear the dialog clearly even at low volume levels.
DIALOG MODE: This function allows you to hear in-game speech and narration with greater clarity.

Auto Standby (A.STBY): The surround sound system enters standby mode automatically when there is no audio output for 30 minutes.
Power requirements
18 V DC (2.6 A) (100 V - 240 V AC,50/60 Hz using the supplied AC power cord)
Main unit: (approx.) 2.4 kg, AC adaptor: (approx.) 240 g
Main unit: (approx.) 720 mm × 85 mm × 87 mm, AC adaptor:(approx.) 121 mm × 53 mm × 33 mm (w × h × d)
• Remote control × 1
• Optical digital cable (2.5 m) × 1
• AC adaptor × 1
• AC power cord × 1
* Linear PCM accepts sampling frequencies of no more than 48 kHz.

blackbeld3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Offcourse it will work. Every system with optical will work with the PS3 Sound system. Also analog will work as well.

N4BmpS3969d ago

Hey blackbeld you forgot the kitchen sink, lol jk.

steve30x3969d ago

The subwoofer only goes as low as 100HZ? Is that the crossover frequency because if thats the bass tone then its not a real subwoofer because to get a decent bass tone it should be below 40HZ. My 360 Watt Behringer Truth subwoofer goes as low as 26HZ. Although the price is good so I wouldnt expect a sound system as good as the system I have.

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r1sh123969d ago

Instead of paying so much,
why not buy a gaming headset?
Astro A40 (5.1 headphones) - I have them
Or the turtle beach P21's if you dont want to spend to much.
Or Tritton AX720's
Any of the 3 above are very good, I have had turtle beach X1's and they were very good.
just google astro gaming, or turtle beach or tritton
I really reccommend these

Snoogins3969d ago

I was interested until I read the specs. The stereo I have now I have had about 10 years and is still much better than this, which I paid $299.99 for at the time. I have been interested in trying to find a good multi-channel Dolby headset for a reasonable price as I like to use my headphones late at night. The headphones I currently use are closed-eared Sony MDR-V6 Digital Dynamic Stereo studio headphones and they sound beautiful.

nveenio3969d ago

Because EVERYONE can enjoy surround sound. Let me ask you this: Do you complain about having to wear glasses for 3D TV because you don't want to buy a pair for everyone?

I only have surround sound in one room of my house. i want it in two rooms. So this interests me, except I'm not going to spend $200 on a kit for my bedroom.

R2D23969d ago

Or will it work when I am playing my Wii and 360?

I might get this but can some one recommend a surround system with wireless speakers that does not cost an arm and a leg? PM me.

Forbidden_Darkness3969d ago

If only my room was bigger and i had 200 bucks to throw at it, but with Move and all the games coming out, i wont have any left

MightyMark4273969d ago

Let's just hope it will be worth it though. I need a decent surround system :(

Omegasyde3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

.. So now you just need the mola. Just donate your body to science,

Or sell your soul like this guy did on craigslist..

You can't game when you die, so either way...

manna3969d ago

HAHAHA OMG i couldnt stop laughing from the craigslist ad..haha was he serious?? haha bubbles for being funny mate

3969d ago
SuperbVillain3969d ago

Got a job at gamestop,def going to save up!

Karooo3969d ago

u guys buy z5500 instead of this.

heroicjanitor3969d ago

Why? They haven't given specs yet.

Newtype3969d ago

Proprietary S-Force technology creates the equivalent of five-speaker surround sound

Four sound fields (standard, stereo, vivid, dynamic) and two sound modes (night, dialogue) designed specifically for gaming

2.1 channels

Integrated subwoofer for added convenience

Sleek and compact design matching PS3TM system aesthetics

Product Specifications

Inputs and Outputs:
Analog Audio Input: 1
Optical Audio Input: 1

Audio Power Specifications:
Power Output: 50W
L/R: 10W/10W
Subwoofer: 30W
Digital Amplifier: Yes
Power requirements: 18V DC (100V - 240V AC using the supplied AC power cord)

Power Consumption:
In standby mode: 0.5W or less

Audio Formats Supported:
Dolby® Digital
Linear PCM (2ch)*
*Linear PCM accepts sampling frequencies of no more than 48 kHz

Sound Fields:
Dynamic: Delivers tones in a wide spectrum of frequencies from low to high creating a more dynamic sound experience.
Standard: Calibrates game audio to match the sound quality originally defined.
Vivid: Provides the most wide range of sounds while enhancing the surround channels.
Stereo: Designed for games which utilize 2-channel stereo sound.

Sound Modes:
Night: This feature allows users to hear sounds clearly at low volume levels.
Dialog: This feature provides greater clarity for speech and narration in games and movies.

Taz Yamauchi3969d ago

Give me that sarround system now, PLEASE!!

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