Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online video

New Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection online video, that shows the online gameplay.

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MetalProxy4101d ago

Is this coming to the US also? As far as I know it was just the japaniza people that are getting it. Looks like it will be a good time if it did.

Bazookajoe_834101d ago

Yes it´s coming to every region, and if you bought the first tekken u get a disscount on this one..

ALIEN4101d ago

I have 2 words. Can't-Wait!

greed4101d ago

I was just wandering are those the graphics because they don't look too next gen i mean i have been waiting for this game for the longest i am a big Tekken fan its just i thought it would look better just my opinion

IPlayGames4101d ago

im a huge tekken fan.

This would be sick. i already own DR so just bring it on.

Gotta go bone up on the skills.

When this is released i beckon and welcome any challengers.

@4 this is a psp title put on ps3 via PSN so the graphic are not par with ps3 retail games. But for a tekken fan it is a must have.

Now only if brought back tekken tag and put that online.