The Overrated and Underrated Games of E3

PS3 Blog: All the major E3 awards are out and the upper crust of the gaming journalists have announced their opinions.

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Donny3960d ago

ill tell you an underrated game...sorcery. it looked really, really good.

HolyOrangeCows3959d ago

"Ghost of Sparta: This is amazing for what it is, but realistically, anyone who has convenient access to a PS3 or 360, and has experienced games like the home GoW3 will be underwhelmed. There is a real niche that doesn’t have regular access to a home gaming setup, and this is perfect for that crowd, but there are simply better picks for best PSP game."

"but there are simply better picks for best PSP game" E3? Do tell.

-Mezzo-3960d ago

I agree Sorcery looked very interesting. I will disagree with Portal 2 & Ghost Of Sparta being in the over rated games list.

Donny3960d ago

yea, portal 2 looks really good, i wish ghost of sparta and chains of olympus would come to psn, but im pretty sure it would be bad marketing to do something like that, because alot of psp's are being sold for those games alone.

tplarkin73960d ago

You just go from point A to point B. Getting there is often more frustrating than fun. (It's not fun to be shot out of a hole at high velocity and then have to shoot a portal off in the distance, while turning, before you hit the ground.)

You don't collect anything, and there are no enemies.

The best thing is GLaDOS, but she isn't very funny because she is very predictable.

peowpeow3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Portal level design and gameplay is genius..GLaDOS is a very memorable foe :D

Edit: Hmm, forgive me, I'm becoming a bit of a Valve fanboy. Bought a few of their games during the daily sales (L4D2, TF2, Portal again..) and am loving each game immensely so I get that urge to 'defend' comments about them being overrated.
Lol just being honest :d

BYE3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is underrated.

The gameplay looks much more interesting than Medal of Honor, which is basically MW2, maybe slighty better.

Edit: lol @ the disagrees. People just love their generic FPSs.

deadreckoning6663960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Ceekay, I think your getting disagrees because

1. You compared a futuristic stealth action third-person shooter to an infantry based FPS.

2. Because your claiming that MOH may be slightly better than MW2 when the MOH beta was crap and you have yet to play the final version of MOH.

"Anyone who thinks portal 2 is overrated really didn't play the fist one, I can't wait to play it."

Maybe I'm missing something here can you determine that Portal 2 is or isn't overrated if you haven't played it yet? Were u at E3?

@Ceekay- Yea, at one point, Future Soldier was my game of show, but as E3 went on. I stopped caring about it for some reason. Somehow, I see the gameplay getting old quick. I'll stick to the Uncharted franchise for my third-person shooter needs. Infamous 2 was my game of show btw.

BYE3960d ago

No, the comparison absolutely makes sense. If you watched the video, FPS gameplay is a part in this game, but it's not everything. And you probably can play the whole game as an FPS if you choose to.

I think games like Future Soldier is where the FPS genre should be heading. Offer way more variety in gameplay, and have the option to switch to third person.

MOH and MW2 are stale concepts compared to this.

Cold 20003960d ago

Completely agree with you, the game looks like it's going to be fantastic.

zireno3960d ago

Anyone who thinks portal 2 is overrated really didn't play the fist one, I can't wait to play it.

Corrwin3960d ago

Portal 1 was overrated. We're still hearing "The Cake is a Lie" jokes for crying out loud.

Being overrated doesn't mean it was bad, just praised more than it perhaps should have been. It was a 4 hour tutorial for a game that didn't start.

-MD-3960d ago

4 hours is being generous.

distorted_reality3960d ago

Author is on crack. Seriously.

@ Corrwin - It was a 4 hour (or shorter if you like) tech demo that played better than most full priced games of the time, and is still an absolute blast to play. Portal was the best part of the Orange Box for me, and I have hundreds of hours logged for TF2.

noprin3960d ago

well the cake was a lie :)

zireno3960d ago

i'll tell you why in my opinion portal 1 was not overrated. Yeah it was short, but it was a game that was bundled with 2 other great games, when sold separately it cost less than saving a buck every day for a week (at least that's what I paid for it) and it did something different than most fps out there, so calling it overrated is bs. MW2 was 6 hours in veteran difficulty and I'm being generous too, so the time it takes to finish a game is not relevant in being fun, bad or like this article is saying overrated. Portal 2 is obviously going to be longer and more polished than the first one, so how come Portal 2 can be overrated?

moparful993960d ago

Portal 1 was not an over rated game at all.. As stated above portal was just a tech demo that was a run away success. It was unique and the mind frying puzzles were addictive. To think that they could take the concept of portal 1 and expand upon it and make it soo much more creative has me uber excited to play this game.. Lets not forget that huge slice of humble pie that ole gabe newell had to choke down on stage at the ps3 press conference.. I love it!

Corrwin3960d ago

Don't get me wrong, I loved Portal. It's exactly the kind of adrenaline shot the video game industry needs.

The problem was that I played it about a year after it's release. And doing so, having put up with all the hype, I felt a little cheated by the end. Same deal with Braid, yes it's pretty, sounds nice, with some lovely puzzles, but apparently adding verses of prose before each level makes it incredible and artistic.

Let's not forget that it's people that make the game overrated, not that game itself, so it's not a slight against the game or the developers. My beef is that whilst the entire industry and fan-base were patting themselves on the back because Portal was so good, nobody was actually trying to better it, or compete with it. There's no point having a beautiful genre-changing game if nobody follows up on it. Games like Portal are meant to inspire and drive competition, but even Valve have been content making glorified team-death match games until they thought Portal 2 would be nice.

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tdrules3960d ago

nothing VALVe makes is overrated.
but hey, I'm a massive VALVe fanboy XD

Monk3y3960d ago

to be honest most of the games Valve makes are overrated :o

Eamon3960d ago

Valve are probably the most creative developers out there.

It's natural when their games get critically acclaimed some people try to gain attention by becoming the black sheep and label their games overrated.

In my opinion, even if it was just 4 hours, Portal is one of the best games I've ever played.

Half-Life 2 is the best game I've ever plaed =)

tdrules3960d ago

they're a private company who don't have to bow to the needs of shareholders unlike most other publishers/developers

creepjack3960d ago

Honestly, Halflife 2 is probably the most overrated game ever. I mean in all of video game history. Good game? Yeah sure, but no where near the level people put it.

Portal was a great little game for what it was, but nothing about it warrants a full $60 price tag, I don't care if the game is 15 hours long. There just isn't enough to it.

peowpeow3959d ago

Wait, there was a $60 price tag??

Eamon3959d ago

shows creepjack is trolling.


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