AusGamers: Crackdown 2 Review


Crackdown 2 isn't obscenely short, but seeing as there's little story progression (it's just a take over the stronghold, locate the beacons, decimate everything in your path affair), you can start over again and retain your stats allowing participation in more online co-op fun and extend the life of the game. Strip GTA sandbox gameplay to its basics, add some freaks, throw in some Just Cause 2 type propaganda and explosions, focus on co-op and you'll get something like Crackdown 2. If I didn't know any better, at times I could believe I was playing a massive, really good XBL game. It's simple, it's straight-up and it's explosion-smashing fun.

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dizzleK3969d ago

needs moar hipster clothing and tornado shooting.

Naughty Dog3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Gonna play the Demo before judging, by its 6-8 review scores like everybody else.

Edit: Demo was meh, plays the same as the 1st.