Sony Gives PlayStation Move Major Push

Andriasang: Sony shared initial details on its PlayStation Move launch plans last month, coinciding with E3. Today, it provided a full launch lineup and also gave a glimpse at some of its promotional plans.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro3966d ago

when is Socom releasing?, i thought it would be a release title with move.

AAACE53966d ago

I don't know why I looked at that picture and thought it was a new PSP? I must be getting tired.

BeOneWithTheGun3966d ago

My Yen to dollar conversion is not that good. Anyone got the prices in dollars?

Tony-A3966d ago

Oh, that's easy.

It's 75 pesos!

tiamat53966d ago

I wonder what beat sketch is?

Octo13966d ago

Ape Escape with PS move.

Spenok3966d ago

You know thats not a new thing they announced right? Its been known since before E3?

Electronicpart3966d ago

wow Finally we got to see new Ape Escape

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