Comparing the Xbox Kinect and the PlayStation Move

After 4 years of the Nintendo Wii dominating the console market with motion based controller technology, both Sony and Microsoft have announced competing technologies for the PS3 and Xbox 360, respectively. These announcements, made at E3 2010, introduced the world to Sony’s PlayStation Move and Microsoft’s Kinect. Surprisingly dissimilar, these two new console accessories represent significantly different approaches motion based controller technology.

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mantisimo3025d ago

before Microsoft make a nunchuk? I'ts inevitable for the success of kinect with hardcore gamers who don't want to hold the xbox controller in 1 hand (which is just wrong) .

Advert " Now to enhance the fantastic gameplay of kinect even further we are introducing the Microsoft wagglestick"!

quote from the article "In addition, obviously the PlayStation Move can only detect hand motion, while the Kinect can detect full body motion."

Not really true as eyetoy+move can body map as well, as seen in one of the tech demos.

Anyway still not terribly excited about either. Lets wait and see.

Raoh3024d ago

i expect devices like wiimote/move and more to be released almost immidiately after the kinect release..

no way to play hardcore games without one.. even with a controller option, the sony ds3 offers a better offering there as well since its sixaxis and can be usesd as a navigator controller..

SupaGamer3025d ago

I can't see Kinect being a success. Maybe when it first comes out, but definitely not long term.

DARKrage343024d ago

PlayStation Move bridges the gap between the arm flailing mechanics of the Kinect and the wand based mechanics of the Nintendo Wii.

With all those buttons and steady 1:1 tracking, you can't doubt that the Move will be a great device. The Kinect will still have to prove itself, and the Wii is lacking HD hardware or true 1:1 tracking (minus Wii Plus).

All I hope is that the devices can be supported with great software. The joyride game for the Kinect appeared to be the best thing going for it... Sorcery looked great for the Move. :)

DigitalRaptor3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Is this sort of comparison needed anymore? We all know one is for casuals/ won't work for hardcore games, whilst the other will be great and can be used to play all games.