PlayStation Move Bundled With Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition And Time Crisis: Razing Storm In Japan

Sony is preparing three PlayStation Move bundles in Japan. In addition to the previously mentioned Sing & Draw starter pack, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition and Time Crisis: Razing Storm bundles are in the works.

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Snoogins3960d ago

They get the best console editions, game deals and bundles. I hope/wish we'll see some similar deals here in the States.

DJexs3960d ago

totally getting the RE 5 if they bundle here.

BABY-JEDI3959d ago

Resi 5 is really a poor poor survival horror game with last gen controls (move ?) & the AI is as dense as girls aloud LoL

DJexs3959d ago

I have played it before so screw off people like you are annoying

jneul3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

gimme a sports champions bundle for europe please?? we get just a starter disk as part of our starter pack;(

JonDiskonected3960d ago

dont you also get the sub controller? we dont

jneul3960d ago

no one gets the navigator(well maybe Japan will with re5 gold edition bundle), and for your info I love the idea move, go look at my comment history, I just think it's strange how Europe always get's the short end of the stick.

Theonik3960d ago

Yeah. I would have really liked those Japanese bundles. Since i am buying both those games anyway.

JonDiskonected3960d ago

now thats a bundle I would buy

Quagmire3960d ago

And the rest of the world you ignorant sob.

StarScream4Ever3960d ago

Geez calm down my friend. Go find some nice lady would ya while the rest of the world waits to hear from Sony. Go on. Giggy.

xX TriiCKy Xx3960d ago

lmfao're a bit off Star.

TANUKI3960d ago

@ StarScram and Quagmire

lol, you guys are awesome. :P

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The story is too old to be commented.