Gamer Limit: Sin and Punishment: Star Successor Review

Minor quibbles aside, Sin and Punishment: Star Successoris a truly remarkable gaming experience that surpasses any preconceived notions one would have regarding the quality of second party Wii games being released lately. Not only is it a technical showcase for Ninty’s underpowered console, but it is also one of the best action games in recent memory, offering a thrilling blend of old school on-rails gameplay and fresh battle mechanics. Indeed, it may prove to be too difficult for some, but then if you can’t handle it then you’re obviously not a real gamer.

So stop crying like a little boy, and play a real man’s game.

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Jason1433960d ago

This game is hot hot hot. Simply a must own for any shooter fan. if your on the fence about getting a wii for monster hunter tri you now have another good reason to make the purchase.