Can the Wii Survive?

Associatedcontent: With PS3's Move and Xbox 360's Kinect, the Wii Faces Stiff Competition in the Video Game Wars.

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AAACE53969d ago

One thing I like about the MOVE controller setup is that it removes that annoying cord that connects the Wiimote. That should give it an edge on it's own. Plus, they showed some good games for it, so MOVE will do fine.

It will be interesting to see how things turn out later this year!

ExplosionSauce3969d ago

With the wave of games recently announced, I'm pretty excited about it.

Move and Kinect are add-ons. So even if they fail, the 360 and PS3 can still survive as they are now, without any motion controls.
While the Wii's motion controls are part of the actual system. If it fails, the whole thing fails. But we know that's not true, and the Wii has been an immense success!

Neo Nugget3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

I might get Move. Depends on if I can try it in stores.

The Wii is supported by a wide array of audiences. There's no way it can possibly fail.

jneul3969d ago

No the wii is not going anywhere it still has it's core fans who love it's games, but I can definitely see some of the casuals getting the move, also I think alot of hardcore users woill love the move because of it's accuracy and realism, just look at socom4 and sorcery for examples, the move is the real solution for every kind of gamer.

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The story is too old to be commented.