Ripten Review: Transformers: War for Cybertron

Ripten: The story keeps you engrossed, and jumping from the Decepticons story line, which is filled with more vitriol and evil than the 2012 Republican National Convention, to the wide-eyed hopefulness of the Autobots campaign actually ends up creating a fantastic little narrative device that makes the story stand out even more. The best part is that you actually enjoy getting from one chapter to another, because the gameplay is so top notch.

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BeOneWithTheGun3028d ago

It's just me then. I don't like it. I went into it all excited since the reviews were going ape shit over it but after a few levels I was like...meh.

The transforming part is pretty cool but just didn't like the overall look or feel to it. I know I am in the minority and that is fine. Just feel let down by it.