Some information about Metal Gear Solid 3DS

Some new information about Metal Gear Solid on the 3DS has been revealed. One detail shared is that the demo shown at E3 could turn out to be a very different, or a completely different product if/when it hits the system.

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jazzking20013963d ago

wish i had a 3DS >.<

Valay3963d ago

Same here. This is one of my most anticipated systems that I can remember.

jjacinto233963d ago

i feel like the MGS series is becoming like so open not like the tight story i've been playing since ps1

smashman983963d ago

yea its just you while mgs 1 was and is amazing every mgs since then has lived up to the standards posted by mgs 1 or even surpassed it ( cept for portable ops + and acid) mgs 3 and peace walker would have to be my peronsal faves in the series

Valay3963d ago

Since this game received arguably the best feedback at E3, I think it's safe to say that we'll eventually see Metal Gear Solid on the system. The only question is in what form it'll be presented.

3963d ago