Dear Square-Enix: You're Wrong

Ben Dutka/ PSX Extreme: I apologize to all our readers if it seems like I'm beating a dead horse, but yesterday's comments by Square-Enix president Yoichi Wada have got me seething. All I can do is think about the piece I wrote about how the publisher clearly doesn't care about retaining their old fans, but would much rather gather new ones.

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SupaGamer3118d ago

Good Rant! What was Wada thinking?

Celeras3118d ago

This has nothing to do with game development, and everything to do with game support. It was stated because FFXIV's release date was announced, and one of FFXIs most notorious problems was Japanese GMs who barely spoke english and had trouble understanding/catering to the needs of western players.

He's not talking about changing their games. He wants to give you more localized support.. and you somehow see a problem with this? Unbelievable.

kanetheking3117d ago

jrpg not a wrpg not a mmo just a ff game.

Noctis Aftermath3118d ago

I support this rant wholeheartedly.

bakasora3117d ago

I thank M$ for creating wonder Windows 7 and XP, but I hate M$ when they are there screwing up the gaming industry.

AAACE53118d ago

While I agree with some of the stuff he says, I believe we have to accept the fact that old fans get...well... old! And attracting new fans keeps you popular!

Let's use the music industry for example. I'm sure most of you have heard of Elvis or Michael Jackson or someone like that right? They were considered some of the best in their area. But Elvis is dead, his real fans are getting older and few are listening to his music. MJ evolved over his career. While still remaining a pop singer, he lead pop to where it is now by changing up things. But he is dead as well, and his music will end up the same way. You can throw 2pac or some living musicians in the same catagory as well.

Basically the goal is to always stay on peoples minds and keep them interested. Because once they stop buying your product... you become a faded memory!

starvinbull3118d ago

Im a long standing Square Enix customer and the fact of the matter is that whether SE are trying to attract new customers or not... it isn't working and their games are getting worse.

What people seem to forget about turn based world map sporting JRPGs is that the only reason people stopped buying them is because people stopped making them. SE have tried to kill a genre before mastering a new one that their current fans don't even want.

The most successful RPG franchise of the last 10 years? Pokemon. I rest my case.

Omegasyde3118d ago

Is doing what every developer seems to be doing.

Catering to the casual crowd.

Sadly soon in all shooters in the near future, auto-aim will be the norm and headshot won't be one shot, one kill. Heck even RPG's might replace hitpoints with real time battles and auto-generating life bar like most shooters will do. Look at FF13 and where it has lead to. You don't even have to heal after battles, nor do you have to actually shop. I think the best example now of hard core games turning "easy" is how ghost recon evolved. If you compare the gameplay with the first game with the last, it shows how much Halo/Cod has an impact on shooters.

Thankfully some games are staying somewhat hardcore like Demon Souls, Socom, ,Mass Effect.

Fanboys should really stop hating on each other, but hate on a common enemy, the casual gamer.Difficulty, tactics, and graphics will be put aside in favor of lower budgets, simple objectives, and auto-aim. Don't be surprised if one day a future COD franchise is just a on-rail shooter using motion controllers.

jaredhart3118d ago

I agree. Hopefully not all big games get dumbed down and something remains for the hardcore.

pain777pas3118d ago

Look lets hope Mistwalker can come out swinging soon and end the foolishness that is SquareEnix.

NoOoB1013118d ago

Unfortunately Socom could be heading that way with Socom 4. Hopefully not though since Socom is one my favorite games.

Stealth20k3118d ago

Why are we suprised? Square hasnt done anything remarkable outside of the handhelds in more than 5 years

Pink_Uni3118d ago

they lost all their money and had to merge with enix

since then they have been utter shit

SaiyanFury3118d ago

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was created to try to capitalise on the FF7 gaming audience. Unfortunately, they took too long to bring the movie out and ultimately the audience gave up on the movie because it took took long. When it came out in 2001 or whatever year, FFX was already ready to come out. People didn't care anymore about the movie since the original game came out 4 or so years earlier.

Sigh3118d ago

ahhh the Bobby Kotick of Japan... F^#k off please.

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