Digital Chumps: Crackdown 2 Review

Digital Chumps: "One of my favorites of 2007 was Crackdown from Ruffian and Microsoft. In this futuristic sandbox game, gamers got to play as one of the elite members of The Agency. As an agent, you and up to one co-op buddy had to save Pacific City from the grips of four gangs that were spread out across islands within the city. Utilizing plenty of firepower, vehicles, and super human strength and agility made all this possible, and darn fun in the process."

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kissmeimgreek3969d ago

Crackdown 1 was from Realtime Worlds not Ruffian. GEEZ get your story straight!

aviator1893969d ago

It's really annoying that some of these reviewers do absolutely no thorough research of games in the past sometimes. They really do lost their credibility in declaring such things.