Unfinished, Unpolished, Unloved: Ars Reviews Crackdown 2

There were so many hints of a great game here that one can only assume this was a funding or timeframe problem, not a talent issue. Do you remember that scene in Traffic where Michael Douglas finds his daughter in the presence of certain men of ill-repute, earning money for drugs? Ars felt the same way playing this game. They wanted to pick it up, take it away, and whisper "You're better than this" in its ear.

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Why o why3963d ago

but this game seems like it was meant to be an expansion pack. I hear its under 4 gig which might seem big for dlc but the lack of improvement just seems suspicious.

D4RkNIKON3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

The commercials that I have seen don't seem to raise any visual bars. But I hear the gameplay is really fun. I have a friend who swears by this game.

mikeslemonade3963d ago

There is no reason to buy this game. It doesn't have the Halo Reach beta.

Spenok3963d ago

Lmao, no Halo beta no buy xD

Though i did actually like the first game. Im just disapointed this game is more or less the same as the first. Even if the general reviews are favorable its just sad. Ill buy this eventually.

WildArmed3963d ago

I expected more from the blow out it recieved when it was announced.
But I'mma pick this up for 30 bucks later down the road.

I love the first one.. it's fun..
I dont know the story.. and i've only probably done about 4 missions since I've owned it (long long time)..
but i pop it in... cause some mayhem..
move on.
I couldn't tell you anything about the story.. i just dont know if there is one xD
But it was fun.. i plan on finishing crackdown 1 b4 picking up crackd2 in the fall.
Ofcourse, i may not get past mission 5 because i just love going around and kicking sh!t and blowing up stuff >.>

Anon19743963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

If anything, all the attention that Crackdown 2 is getting, and all the reviewers talking about how the first was so much better really makes me want to go back and play the first one.

I've got a stack of games demanding my attention at the moment but I'm defiantly going to see if I can get my hands on the first Crackdown.

Still, it's too bad this game didn't live up to it's potential. There were many touting this game as the next AAA monster hit on the 360.

JoySticksFTW3963d ago

check it out! Be warned though. The story is next to nothing. And your character is a generic Agent, with no background story and zero character development (as far as story goes).

So if you are looking for a story or cinematics with your gameplay, you may be disappointed

If you're looking for mindless fun, and crack-addition type orb collection & ability boosting -- then CD may be for you

Besides, if you get bored you can wreak havoc on the citizens, criminals, and law enforcement alike. That never gets old :)

McMee3963d ago

Ouch i was ready to be skeptical bout this verdict but then they expressed every worry i had for this game to support it still i loved the original so ill atleast rent it

HolyOrangeCows3963d ago

A sequel to Crackdown had so much potential. :(

Jaces3963d ago

I reserved this on amazon (whoohoo for $10 gift cards!) but after reading about it I may end up just waiting till it's cheaper. Can't say I'm dissapointed cause I had a blast with the demo even though pretty much everything was the same...but it's so damn fun.

I'll sleep on it =P

DelbertGrady3963d ago

Borderlands is only 3.3gb. Not a small game. Cel-shaded games usually take less space.

Anyways, discussing the size of the game on the disc seems pretty silly, as if you get more bang for the buck depending on how much space the devs choose to fill.

exnihilonihilfit3963d ago

Borderlands seems to suffer from many of the same problems as this game.

Lackluster exploitation of cel-shading (if you're saving all that space, at least do something new with it).
Lack of story.
Lack of mission diversity.

That's not to say Borderlands is bad, I own and enjoy that game, but I can't say I wasn't slightly disappointed with it, and from what I can tell I'd feel the same way about this if I cared enough to invest in it.

AAACE53963d ago

"So many hints of a great game"... where?

Then again, I hated the first one, so I admit I am biased towards this one. I had high hopes for the Crackdown franchise, but I just don't like it anymore!

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OneSneakyMofo3963d ago

Ouch, Ars is usually spot on with reviews so I trust their judgment completely. I was looking forward to this too.

evrfighter3963d ago

Ars is probably my most trusted goto review site also.

T9X693963d ago

The game is finished and polished, but in reality isn't a true sequel and more of a expansion pack than anything. Rented the first one years ago and enjoyed it from what I can remember, so when this hits $40 or so I'll probably pick it up.

multipayer3963d ago

4 player coop at least keeps it on my radar.

Weaksauce11383963d ago

Funny thing is Amazon had it for 49.99 preorder and a $10 gift card... essentially $40 new with preorder bonuses. Glad I went on it, the gameplay is a blast!

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