8.0 All Points Bulletin Review

Matt Perkins wrote: "In 2002, David Jones, former developer on franchises such as Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto, bought out his long time stomping ground of Rage Software and reformed it under the name Realtime Worlds. In 2007, Realtime Worlds released it's first major title, third person shooter Crackdown. The independently run company found success and an audience, despite mixed critical acclaim. By 2005, RTW had begun work on All Points Bulletin, a GTA inspired cops and robbers styled MMO."

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ollyhume3028d ago

Can't help feeling like they overhyped this game. After the amazing shadowrun and all the possibilities they promised, I do feel quite let down.

TheGamerGeek3027d ago

I understand you liked it all but... God it look's so bad!

adrenaline3027d ago

It looks interesting, but I don't want to pay for the privilege of playing.

dethgar3025d ago

I shouldn't have reviewed it so early, lesson learned when it comes to MMO reviewing.

Destroyman3020d ago

I'm intrigued by the pricing structure. Buying chunks of time will make it more accessible.