Final Fantasy XIV won't demand as much time as other MMOs

MMOs have a reputation of luring and gluing players into the grinding and depths of their gameplay. He who spends more time in them basically pwns the battlefield. Realistically speaking, some players just don't have that kind of time. Fortunately for that slice of the population, Final Fantasy XIV will be a little more friendly to the busy gamers.

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Myst3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Aww no more 6~8 hours of playing in Crawlers' nest just to level once? :p

I would very much like to see how it plays out though, will it be in terms of difficulty settings for quests here and there? I'm just a bit confused on how it actually finds a medium ground. I liked FF11 because it pretty much demanded patience and skill, I'm hoping that both will still be in there, but not as heavy as 11 was. Just enough to keep it entertaining and not so easy.

WildArmed3957d ago

lol yeah
Considering FF11 was the top tier of time consuming MMOs..
FF14 would have to be drastically different for it to diverge from the time-consuming MMO tier.

evrfighter3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

old school bst mode in CN was great times.

dropping scorpions, beetles, and crawlers on top of low leveling parties and then watching the mass hysteria as people began dropping like flies was HILARIOUS.

even better was garliage citadel making bombs fight on top of parties and watching epic massacres as they self-destructed. extra points for me when I saw people level down.

nothing made my night as I watched my chatlog fill up with tells from players calling me things that would make a sailor blush.

How i miss those days.

ViciousBoston3957d ago

you were such a jerk man...

WildArmed3956d ago

lol I remember doing that often too. I had a Linkshell dedicated for torturing people :D
We all got together and did alot of mean shit xD

Doesn't mean I'm evil at heart thou =p

Oh boi oh boi!
Those were the days :D

Arnon3957d ago

I just... really... don't want it to be like WoW. There was this special feeling that came with FFXI. It felt like an actual game, with an MMO attached on the side. EVERY MMO feels like a clone in some form of WoW, and honestly, it gets sickening after a while.

Raoh3956d ago


i love crawlers nest, that was one of my favorite places to solo my beastmaster. my dark knight was also able to shred mobs like butter there, lots of good exp there.. increased gobbie bad size was a must...

but the more casual they make ffxiv the less interested i am. i thought WoW was just ok.. i found it to be too simple. i liked the complexity of ffxi with the subjob system, the stat consideration per job, sub job and weapon.

no one really likes to grind but its those long grind sessions when you learn your gear and weaps.. if its that easy i'm assuming some of your weaps and gear in ffxiv will just be for show and not really have any relevance to your stats/skills

square hasnt exactly doing well delivering the great games they are known for. i hope they break the cycle with this and dont make this too easy..

if it is easy i may only play past the first month just to try it out for myself like i did with WoW. well i played that one for 3 months.

AusWarrior3957d ago

I would like to see how they implement the trophies in this game. The idea of an MMO is for it to last almost forever, and I'm sure many people would stop playing after the platinum trophy as it defines an end. They will probably put unobtainable ones lol.

Anyway, cant wait for this on PS3.

ClownBelt3957d ago

I guess like you get a trophy for killing bosses, maxing your character, finishing a quest and even earning specific amount of money.

WildArmed3957d ago

They can always have max out every class and craft every item yada yada xD
that's pretty much long enough for another FF-online lol

Was it Dragon Age Origins that did that? or was it Sacred 2 Fallen Angel? that did similar things with their trophies and achievements.

Duke Spookem3957d ago

Looks like even Final Fantasy 14 will be gimped as well. They just keep removing core features in their games these days. That's why they've put out nothing but garbage this gen.

RememberThe3573957d ago

He's talking about a feature that he added to the game.

"That's why we have implemented the Armoury system and Guildleve as they will allow players to get their skills levelled up. "

I for one like the sound of that even though I have just realized I'm never going to pay a monthly fee for this game.

Pika-pie3956d ago

Gimped?? How? I welcome this stance that SE are taking.

They huge time investment in an MMO is whats putting me off FFIV. This may make me at least try it

Anon73493957d ago

This isn't a bad thing at all. Most MMOs suck because very little progression in a long period of time, they also suck because most of them are generic ultima or WoW clones.

FF14 may be alight, but currently I'm much more interested in TERA Online, Blade & Soul, and Guild Wars 2.

Although I look forward to what this game has to offer.

TheObserver3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

When I played FFXI, before the game starts they remind you that FFXI is not reality and you not to forsake your friends/school/work. lol.

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